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Wife, 62, And Husband, 25, In Search Of Surrogate To Start Their Family

This well-known TikTok duo has revealed their desire to begin a family to their followers. Despite being subjected to age shaming and receiving hate from individuals due to their significant age difference, the couple, who are deeply in love and content with their marriage, are unfazed by the negativity.

The couple who go by the names Quran McCain, 25, and Cheryl McGregor, 62, and have a significant age difference of 37 years, have shared their intentions of starting a family.

Having tied the knot in September 2021, this couple has amassed a sizable following on TikTok. They regularly provide glimpses into their daily life, participate in entertaining dance and lip-syncing trends, and respond to inquiries concerning their relationship.

However, their online notoriety has been accompanied by an adverse consequence, as the couple routinely confronts disparaging remarks about their age difference.

Having surpassed a year of marital bliss, the couple's bond appears to be unyielding, as they have consistently expressed their desire to have children in the company of their followers.

During a live video call earlier this week, the couple conveyed to the hosts of the UK-based morning show This Morning that they are prepared to embark on the next stage of their partnership.

Cheryl said on the show: "They said I guess just because of my age I can't take care of a baby, what? I have got more energy than half of these kids that are taking care of babies now and I don't see it as a problem."

The TikTok personality affirmed that, because of her age, she cannot conceive, prompting her and Quran to pursue surrogacy as an alternative option.

She said: "No I can not have a baby myself but we have done the surrogacy thing where we already had three surrogates and right now we are looking for another one and also maybe adoption."

With a following of four million on TikTok, the married couple disclosed that their families are hesitant to embrace their union.

Cheryl said: "It's been a battle with them, us trying to prove to them that it wasn't a joke. Out of my seven children they were saying he was using me, we weren't using each other, we can't help who our hearts fall in love with.

"So it's been a battle, out of seven of my children I really have two but one who really stands by us through everything and it took a while to come to that conclusion that they like him."

When queried about their reaction to detractors by a host on "This Morning," Quran provided a response: "We are just going to keep living our lives because we are happy, we are very much happy, this is a happy healthy marriage, we are looking to start our family and that's all we got."

Cheryl agreed saying: "Absolutely, it's us against the world."

The duo initially encountered each other in 2012 as colleagues at a Dairy Queen fast food restaurant, during which time Quran was a mere 15 years of age.


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Although they lost touch throughout the years, they eventually reignited their bond in 2020 when Quran, while at a convenience store, recognized his future spouse. Subsequently, their relationship began.

The subsequent year, they tied the knot after Quran proposed to Cheryl during a live stream, which was watched by 20,000 viewers.