Wide Hips: Broad-Hipped Girls Tell What It's Really Like Having Them

Wide Hips: Broad-hipped Girls Tell What It’s Really Like Having Them

Do you remember the runaway hit, "Hips don't lie" by Shakira? I bet you do, and it's probably because wide hips are some of the most noticeable and most complimented features on a woman's body, and for many reasons, we won't go into today.

But while the world can only think about how wonderful large hips are, the women who have them know a lot of things about amply sized hips most people are clueless about.


Wide hips are quite flattering, and many ladies enjoy the attention they get for them. But they also have their downsides.

As you know, everything comes at a cost, and these ladies know some of the petty annoyances wide hips cause.

And so, just to keep you updated on what having wide hips is like, here's what you need to know, according to women who have them.

1. Big Hips Equals Big Thighs

Having big hips means having thick thighs. That's sort of a problem because big thighs cause chaffing and make the insides of jeans wear out.


And before that, you have to struggle to get into your pants every morning. You have to dance and jump a bit to get into your pants.

2. His Parents Will Love You

Most parents want grandkids, and that means they naturally like any woman who shows great child-bearing potential. And that's you, because of your generous hips.


3. Wide Hips Are Multipurpose

You don't just need the big hips to turn heads and get random favors from strangers, but also to lock drawers and keep people a safe distance from you.

4. Spacial Awareness Eludes You

Your hips will regularly have marks as you bump on things unknowingly. Your hips usually get in the way without you knowing it.


It's just part of the deal.

5. You Are Always In Fashion

There is no time in history when wide hips were considered unfashionable. Throughout history, there is always a female icon known for her curvy hips.

In the past, we had the likes of Marilyn Monroe, and today we have celebrities like J-Lo and Kim Kardashian.


Because men will always have a genetic predisposition to like big hips, women with big hips will never go out of fashion.

6. You Don't Envy Celebrities

We have Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, and other broad-hipped celebrities getting the admiration of many women for their large hips. But for women who already have these hips, that is never a bother to them.


While other ladies are sweating it out in the gym to enhance their hips and butts, women with big hips have no such worries weighing them down.

7. You Will Get Lots Of Comments About Your Wide Hips

Although you know you have wide hips (you own a mirror), and it should be obvious to everyone you that are aware of this fact, people will have the annoying habit of reminding you of this.


You just have to get used to it: your hips draw attention and that will get people talking. Wide hips stand out, and there is nothing you can do about that.

So, learn to handle the attention you get due to your hips.

8. Low-Waisted Jeans, Belts, And Miniskirts Often Out Of Question

There are things you won't wear when you have wide hips. They either don't flatter you or they can't stay put.


Sorry, you just have to leave these for small and medium-hipped ladies.

9. Your Stunning Hourglass Shape Attracts Guys

There are many guys who can't resist a girl with wide hips. Therefore, you will have lots of suitors.

So, learn to love your curvy body, because there are many women out there who would like to be you and lots of guys who want nothing but a woman who looks like you.


Be sure to have other arrows in your quiver to keep a guy interested though, hips only take care of physical attraction.

10. You Are More Fertile

According to science, the bigger your hips, the more fertile you are. Apparently, big hips mean you have the kind of hormonal balance suitable for child-bearing.


Guys are unconsciously drawn to that.

11. Childbirth Is Easier For You

Women with wide hips give birth more easily since the width of their hips means they have less pain when giving birth. The process tends to take a shorter time as well.

There's a reason wide hips are called child-bearing hips: they make the process much easier. So, if you are a large-hipped lady with dreams of starting a family, you should consider yourself very lucky.


12. You Look Great In Leggings

Leggings were practically made for you if you are a big-hipped woman. You look truly amazing in this piece of clothing.

Leggings highlight your amazing hips, butt, and curvaceous figure. If you are keen enough, you can literally feel the admiring eyes follow you as you move around.

In leggings, a wide-hipped woman can drive lots of guys crazy.


13. More Sexual Partners

Apparently, studies have shown that women with wide hips are more predisposed to having one-night-stands. But that's to be expected since they enjoy endless attention from the guys for their curvaceous forms.

The fellas can't help it: wide hips are considered a sign of fertility by men.

14. Your Waist Will Look Smaller

Many women envy women with small waists. And because of your wide hips, your waist naturally looks smaller than is the case with most women.


That makes you the envy of many. And even when you start to put on a bit of weight, you can still look good while other women will appear to have love handles.

15. The Muffin Top

Even after you lose many pounds, you will discover that your midsection will not readily play along. You might have to put up with some bit of a muffin top.


16. Your Dancing Turns Heads

Having wide hips makes you quite the head-turner. So, you can imagine how much more attention dancing can get you.

Even the simplest moves will have many hypnotized because you will always look sexy and amazing as you do it. Girls with small hips have to try really hard to win people over with their dancing skills.


But for you, the admiration you get for dancing comes naturally. You don't even have to be a good dancer.

17. Girls With Wide Hips Look Amazing In High-Waist Clothing

You kill it in high-waisted skirts, bikinis, jeans, or whatever. These kinds of clothing showcase your body in all its glory.


18. Long Dresses Look Short

Your hips take up quite a bit of fabric, and that means that dresses are not as long as they initially seemed when you finally wear them. So, short dresses seem a little immodest when you wear them.

19. Chairs Might Get In Your Way

Some chairs are too narrow for someone with your hips, and you have to really squeeze into them. And when you get up, you will usually get up with the chair.


20. You Get Self-Conscious

Being different always makes you concerned about why you don't look like the rest of them. Even when you look different in a positive way, you tend to feel excluded.

That's something women with large hips struggle with.

What they don't understand is that many women aspire to have hips as large as theirs. But these women often wonder why their hips are so wide.


They have no idea how amazing and irresistible they look with their goddess-like hourglass figures.

21. Your Dresses Have To Go Over Your Head

Typically, this should not be a problem. But if you have a poofy dress, trying to put it on will be a challenge.

22. You Are Probably More Intelligent

Science has shown that women with big hips are typically more intelligent. As it turns out, hips store omega-3 fats that are also quite good for the baby when the woman is pregnant.


When it comes to this scientific fact, the hip to waist ratio is what matters. If your hips are wide in relation to your waist, chances are that you are smarter than most people.

23. Your Jeans Sag In The Back

Having wide hips means having wider jeans, which in turn means having them fit loosely around your waist. That looks awkward, and even when you wear a belt, it bends at the back and gets uncomfortable.


You have to brace yourself for this reality by using a strong leather belt that will not wear out as quickly.

24. Loose Fitting Dresses Don't Flatter You

While skinny girls can look cute in loose-fitting dresses, you can't. On you, these dresses look like tents due to your large hips.

25. Clothes Shopping Can Be A Nightmare

Finding the right clothes will not be easy when you have larger than average hips. The fashion industry focuses most of its attention on women with smaller hips because they are much greater in number.


So, you get used to falling in love with cute clothes that you can't squeeze into because your hips always get in the way.

In other words, having large hips is both a blessing and a curse.

26. Weight Loss Is A Little More Challenging

Wide hips, unfortunately, naturally attract lots of body fat. Therefore, losing weight becomes something of a challenge for women with big hips.


Luckily, because of the unique body structure, these women can put on quite a bit of pounds without losing their enviable goddess-like figures.

None of us is created like another: we are all unique and that's what makes us unique. Some ladies have wide hips, while others don't.

There is no ideal shape and size, although girls with wide hips have plenty to be thankful for. Broad hips make a woman the envy of many, and they indicate a higher level of intelligence although they offer a few setbacks as well.