Why You're Waking Up At The Same Time Every Night

Why You’re Waking Up At The Same Time Every Night

Have you ever wondered why you can't ever get a good night's rest? Do you find yourself waking up at the same time every night?

If you have struggled with this issue for years, we are sure you are worried. Sleep and rest are essential in life, and we all should get at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

Sleep is not only crucial for health and vitality, but lack of it leads to premature aging, under-eye bags, acne and so much more. Just think of the attack on your health and physical appearance.

Fortunately, many solutions and theories are being thrown around. We have done our research, and we have selected the most logical theory that gives you the most insight.

Traditional Chinese medicine scholars have identified the Chinese meridian body clock and the distribution of Qi. Qi is essentially energy.


Chinese research findings state that 12 medians related to 12 body organs have to be recharged throughout the day.

The study's findings state that whenever there is a problem with the organs that are being recharged at night, our sleep gets disrupted.

So, for example, if you normally go to sleep at about 9 pm, then imagine your body organs are continuing to be recharged while you sleep.

Each organ is charged for a period of two hours. The Chinese study states that at 9 pm, your thyroid is being charged, followed by your gallbladder at 11 pm.


So if you plan to sleep until five am, then from 1 to 3 am, your liver is being charged, followed by your lungs between 3 and 5 am.

Taking the timelines we have provided into consideration; then you should already have a good idea of which is your problem organ.

The Thyroid 9 - 11 pm

If you wake soon after you fall asleep or have a hard time falling asleep around this time, the culprit may be your thyroid.

There could also be a problem with your adrenal glands or metabolism. Some meditation or yoga, or relaxation exercises should help you sleep better.


The Gallbladder -11 pm to 1 am

The primary function of this organ is to store bile which aids in digestion and the breaking down of fats. Waking up at this time could mean you need to consume healthy fats and oils.

The Liver -1 to 3 am

Since the liver filters your blood, too many toxins could be the culprit here. Perhaps a simple detox and drinking more water will be a simple solution here.


The Lungs -3 am to 5 am

A problem with your lungs or any part of the respiratory system will no doubt cause sleep disruption. The symptoms of issues within your respiratory system will be very obvious to you. Sneezing, coughing, and nasal congestion. The solution here is breathing exercises.

Along with this theory, sleep can be affected by other things, such as sleep apnea, or it could also mean that you are being affected by low self-esteem, anger, and resentment. A little bit of forgiveness and self-love will take you a far way here. If you are sad or grieving, finding a way to deal with these emotions can help you sleep better. Putting your mind at ease by letting go of anger will also help with ensuring you get the sleep you deserve.

Issues such as sleep apnea seem to be a symptom of an underlying cause.

If you want to improve or eliminate problems, you need to focus on the cause.

While there are so many other studies and theories on sleeping problems, the suggestions listed here always seem to have the best outcomes so far for us.