Why Your Spiritual Awakening Has Stopped Dead On Its Tracks

Why Your Spiritual Awakening Has Stopped Dead On Its Tracks

You could feel that you were on track to being spiritually awakened. But somewhere along the way, your journey came to a stop, and now you are stuck and wondering what the hell could have happened.

I am here to help you find some answers and hopefully get things back on track.

1. You Get Stuck On The Negative

There is lots of negative information around, just look at the news. The trick is never letting such news get to you because if you do, then your spiritual awakening might come to a stop.


There will always be something horrible happening in the world, and if you focus so much on it and not how good you could be, then you will have lots of problems completing your spiritual awakening journey.

2. You Didn't Think You Would Make It

Although completing a spiritual awakening journey is no easy thing, it is something anyone can accomplish if they put their minds to it.


But if along the way you think yourself unworthy of the journey, then your spiritual journey will end before you reach your destination.

So, believe yourself worthy of this important journey, and you will be.

3. You Blow Your Top Pretty Quickly

Anger usually comes from frustration, and frustration and spiritual awakening don't exactly go together.


Frustration also means you have been suppressing some memories or that you need to let go of some baggage before your life can move on.

Until you deal with the source of your frustration, your spiritual awakening journey is going nowhere.

4. You Gave Up

Spiritual awakening requires lots of commitment and many changes to your life. If you don't put enough effort into this, then your journey could very well end before it has really started.


You might not have sat down and decided to give up the journey, but over time, you reverted to bad old habits such as poor diet and wasteful spending.

Such mistakes will stop your journey very effectively, and it will be all on you.

5. Excess Self-Absorption

Spiritual awakening has nothing to do with finding ways to please and gratify yourself better. Yes, it's true that understanding yourself is part of this journey, but understanding the universe is just as important.


If you focus too much on yourself, then you will lose track of what you were trying to achieve and your journey will come to a stop.

A spiritual awakening will make your life more fulfilling and much happier. But if your journey has suddenly come to a stop and you are wondering where you could have gone wrong, above are some reasons you might have gotten off-track.