Why Your Foul-Mouthed Friend Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have

Why Your Foul-mouthed Friend Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have

We've been taught time and again that swearing is wrong, but how many of us actually believe that? We can't go a day without saying shit when we forget something or hurt ourselves, so it's only normal to have a friend whose mouth deserves to be washed out with soap. Though we are advised to lay off such friends, here's the shocker; they're actually good for you. Before you scoff or think that I'm defending them just because I'm one of them, let's consult research, shall we?

According to research, a friend who swears a lot is more truthful and has a surprisingly high integrity level. They show who they really are and express their feelings freely. Okay, some words may not be appropriate to say out loud, but such a friend tells you stuff as it is. I don't know about you, but a bestie like this is a keeper for me. If you easily get offended by people who swear, you may want to have a friend who does it for your own good.

It has also been proven on social media, Facebook specifically, that users of the platform who swore a lot are more honest and do a better job of keeping friends. They flood the 'comment' section with so many swear words and a whole lot of true observations. If you stopped being friends with a friend because they said you looked damn scary with so much makeup on, now's the time to call them and mend your friendship. They didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

You may not believe this, but guess what; if your friend swears a lot, they're probably very smart. They are very fluent in speaking English and can pronounce English words quite well. I guess they use this skill to their advantage. So don't be too quick to stop being friends with your pal just because they swear. They'll come in handy during that next English test. You may also want to consider spending more time with them so the habit can rub off on you. Don't be too quick to listen to what society says. It's not always right.

Let's be truthful. Who would you prefer to spend your time with? Goody two-shoes who pick their words wisely or an interesting guy or girl who expresses themselves openly? It's obvious that the second option is an immediate choice for many. People love and can easily relate to people who use colorful language. They're funny, fun to be around, and captivating with the many swear words they know. You'd lose count if you tried keeping up.

Forget about that nonsense drummed into your head as a kid that such people are a bad influence. You're old enough to see what's right in front of you and make the proper judgment yourself. These so-called bad influences will help you live a carefree life and live it from your own unique perspective. Plus, you have to admit, their language is catchy. It's time to break some rules and appreciate these awesome friends for the priceless jewels that they are. Who's with me?