Why Your 30s Really Are The Best Years Of Your Life

Why is turning 30 so scary? Perhaps it's because we are officially considered adults, and we can no longer use the excuse of being young and naive. However, this is a positive development since our 30s are said to be the best years of our lives.

1. You've Laid The Groundwork And You've Got Your Act Together

You've managed to piece together all the elements necessary to enter the realm of true adulthood. You wake up in your matured living space, go to your job like a responsible adult, and prepare a grown-up meal when you come home. It feels absolutely incredible to have the essential aspects of life sorted out on your own, doesn't it?

2. You Know What Real Responsibility Is

Gone are the days when you excuse your credit card bills and impulsive buys with the mantra of "YOLO!" Now, you take charge and diligently pay off your debts, which brings a sense of satisfaction. Plus, having extra funds to purchase mature items such as wine and home d├ęcor adds to your happiness.

3. Your Friends Are Also Your Family, And You've Weeded Out The Flakes

As you reach the age of 30, your social circle tends to diminish due to eliminating individuals who stir up drama and disconnecting with those who don't align with your overall outlook on life. However, the upside is that despite having a smaller group of friends, your bond with them deepens, and you cannot fathom existence without them.

4. You've Discovered Low Key Partying Is Actually A Ton Of Fun

The era of waiting in queues outside a nightclub, and being drenched in spilled drinks upon entering, has faded away. Nowadays, people prefer wine tastings, lounge happy hours, and the delightful inclusion of dinner parties. Achieving a pleasant level of inebriation and waking up in your own bed is far more fulfilling than spending a significant portion of your earnings only to awaken feeling awful and financially drained.

5. You Start To Celebrate Relevant Life Events

Beyond just birthdays, there are now ample opportunities to revel in the significant and delightful moments of life with your cherished ones. Housewarming festivities, weddings, and baby showers are all suitable occasions to raise a glass and extend congratulations. Witnessing the accomplishments and contentment of your peers at 30 brings you sincere happiness. After all, we're all navigating this unpredictable voyage together.

6. You Start To Give A Damn About Your Health, So You Feel Way Better

You cannot solely rely on fast food like McDonald's and pizza, as you did in the past. Although occasional indulgence may happen, you have acknowledged the advantages of devoting time to cook healthy meals and incorporate exercise into your routine. Not only does this improve your appearance, but it also brings immense happiness, as you realize you are making commendable efforts for your physical and emotional well-being.

7. People Take You More Seriously

As you state your age, you sense an upsurge in self-assurance that others can perceive. Embracing your thirties, you have shed any reluctance and are unapologetically proud of your age.

8. You Have Grown Up Paychecks And Savings, Too

Who doesn't love the idea of financial stability? There is no better feeling than having the assurance that you can independently support yourself.

9. You're At Peace With Your Body

During our 20s, we often obsess over our flaws, but in our 30s, we have grasped the art of embracing ourselves for who we are. We no longer belittle ourselves over our shortcomings and, if we choose to make changes, we do so from a place of self-care and self-love.

10. You Know Better From Experience

The mental transformation that transpires in your 30s not only confirms your adulthood but also instills a carefree attitude towards others' opinions. The contentment of being yourself without seeking external validation is unparalleled, making your thirties the prime time of your life. Viva 30!