Why Younger Generations End Relationships So Quickly

I’m still in my 20’s (the late ’20s) but have a pretty specific taste in men that has developed like a good wine. When it comes to men I want someone who is intellectually stimulating and someone who’s actually driven and has a real passion for life, finding that in anyone within my age bracket has become almost impossible so I end up going up an age bracket or two.

What I have found in my friends though is that people in the under 25’s generation end their relationships so quickly because of one very simple thing, they have so many more options than what their parents and grandparents had.

When you think about it there are so many social media apps and sites that they have such a variety to meet potential partners that so many other generations didn’t. The other main factor is that those within the age bracket are looking for instant gratification. Yes, I do want my new iPhone now but to be honest, I actually want my man matured and without the glitches, please!

Talking to some of my friends in the older generations, there was a time when people actually to get to know people, build friendships, or took their time while dating. This type of “old school” dating gave people the chance to really get to know each other, if they did end up dating they would know what they were getting into.

In today’s day and age, everything is about instant gratification, I mean look at the self-checkouts, we can download music in an instant and stream movies online, or best of all you can even order online and get it the very next day. Being that this generation has grown up in this culture how can you expect them to spend time cultivating REAL relationships?

This generation is entering into relationships quicker than they should have in the hopes of instant happiness and end it because the order they placed…wasn’t as they expected. This generation thinks the grass is always greener on the other side, it will take time to realize that they need to give one person the attention they deserve to have a relationship that lasts more than just a few months because, in the end, they will definitely want to find that one person who will stick around with them and if they don’t establish the right foundation, they will end up being the order that wasn’t as described!