Why You'll Regret Leaving The Woman Who Loved You With All Of Her Heart

Why You’ll Regret Leaving The Woman Who Loved You With All Of Her Heart

One great gift that we as women have is the ability to love with all our hearts. Sure, sometimes it can be a curse because we don't always meet the right guy, but it's most beautiful because we don't have to pretend and we're true to ourselves. Guys, if you left such a special woman, mark my words you'll regret it, and here's why:

She was sincere

When she decided to love you, she wasn't faking it. Even when her parents warned her about you, she decided to give a deaf ear and give you a chance because she believed in you. She was sure that her heart was right and gave you a special place in it. She always showed you just how special you were with her words and actions.

She was prepared to love you for the rest of her life

In her mind, you were the only man that she truly loved. She didn't shy away from telling you how much she loved you over and over again until sometimes you couldn't stand it. She was unique and had a special way of expressing her love for you. Her ideas of love were totally from a fairy tale, but she held on to the idea that love is special. She played her part but you, but for some reason, you couldn't return her genuine love.

Her love was unique and special

She couldn't be compared to other girls. While they loved you, they couldn't make you feel special like she did. She took the time to know you and always knew that there was some good in you. She saw your potential and cheered you on when you felt like you couldn't go on. She was sure that you were the perfect match for her and had high hopes for the relationship with you.

She overlooked your weaknesses

She didn't see any of your shortcomings. On the contrary, she believed that they were what made you human and she accepted you with them. To her, you had no faults and you were exactly what she was looking for. If she were given a chance to change anything about you, she'd choose to leave you as you were.

She opened up her heart to you again

You disappointed her. You hurt her feelings. You toyed with her emotions, and how did she react to that? By giving you another chance. She couldn't bring herself to hate you. You knew this but chose to walk away from her. Now you have to imagine in pain how someone else is benefitting from her kindness, and how that special new person is returning her feelings of love.

They treasure her heart and see her for the special woman that she is. You had your chance, but you wasted it. Now you have to leave with the consequences of your actions and pray to find someone who's like her, even if it's just a little bit.

If you have a lady with the above characters, man, don't let her go and don't play around with her, unless you want a better guy to walk into her life and leave you regretting.