Why You Will Regret Losing A Good Woman

Why You Will Regret Losing A Good Woman

Life is funny. You can have the best woman in the world and not realize it. And then you lose her and it finally hits home how much this woman meant to you.

We've all made such mistakes in life. Someone loves you so much and treats you so well you get used to the cozy life and starting taking it and the person giving it to you for granted.

You get comfortable and you lose your appreciation.

Sometimes, you can get over the loss of someone you treasured, but not a great woman. And here is why I say this.

1. She Loved Expecting Nothing In Return

Few people in this world can love you without expecting anything in return. And this rare woman loved you unconditionally and with all her heart. She did not ask for anything for her love. There never came a time when she made you feel you needed to love her back. It would have meant the world to her if you did, but she did not pressure you into it. That kind of love is rare. Very rare.

2. She Made The Moments You Shared Fun And Enjoyable

Your times together were full of fun, and you basked in the positivity and will never forget the happy moments. Not all girls make such an effort. You will miss the happy moments you always shared.

3. Nobody Will Love You Like She Did

A lot of people can love you in this world. But only one person can love you more than anyone ever could. So, once you lose a great woman who loved you without limits, you can bet you will never find that kind of love in this world ever again. That will be a bitter truth to live with. Other women will love you, just not as much, and that will haunt you.

4. Her Endless Patience

When you did something wrong, she never made you feel guilty. She was so understanding and forgiving and did not hold anything you did wrong against you. But you did not always return the favor. When she made a mistake, you were quick to point it out and make her feel guilty, and even used the opportunity to make her do things for you.

5. You Could Talk To Her About Anything

She always made you feel free to express whatever you felt and thought. You were safe discussing anything you wanted with her. She never got bored with you and wanted you to feel safe telling her anything.

6. She Catered To All Your Needs

This girl made you her world and lived to make sure you were happy and fulfilled in this life. She put your needs before her own, and you were always comfortable with her taking care of you.

7. You Will Never Find The Connection You Shared Ever Again

Finding someone you truly click with is quite amazing. It cannot be forced, and it cannot be taken for granted. But with this woman, you shared this connection, but you took it for granted and lost it. What are the odds that you will ever find someone else you will share such a deep connection with? Honestly, very slim.

8. You Know You Will Never Do Better Than This

What this girl gave you was the best you could ever have. She is the best you have ever had. But you let her slip between your fingers, and it would have taken very little to keep her close. You literally pushed away the best gift life could give you.

She will forever be the one who got away. You slacked off. You did not reciprocate her love, you took her for granted, and you mistreated her. She finally took the hint and left. She will have none of your make-up pleas, and just like that, you have lost the best thing that ever happened to you. You will regret that all your life.