Why You Should Totally Try ‘the Nightmare Before Christmas’ Version Of Operation Classic Game

All game lovers out there probably had a go at Operation a few times. I know I did. And why wouldn't they? This is among the most exciting games you can try.

Operation may be simple, but it's also lots of fun.

In the game, all you have to do is remove organs from a plastic injured man. The secret is to do so without touching the sides. If you do, a buzzer will go off to alert you of your error.

In short, the game was as exciting as it was simple, and many could not get enough of it.

But now, the fun and excitement this game offers have been kicked a notch higher with the recently released Nightmare Before Christmas version of Operation. Here's goes the highlights of this amazing game and a few compelling reasons why you should give it a try.

why you should totally try 'the nightmare before christmas' version of operation classic game

1. It's A Commemoration Of The 25th Anniversary Of The Nightmare Before Christmas Film

Time has really flown. Many might not remember that the cult classic, Nightmare Before Christmas, is now well over two decades old having been released in 1993.

And since this Tim Burton film remains so popular even today, this game is a fitting commemoration of its ubiquitous influence on our culture. As a game lover, you will have a tougher time getting a more suitable way to mark this important milestone.

2. The Game Lasts For Only Half An Hour

I think I speak for most people when I say that most of us would rather not spend hours trying to get through one round of a game. That is one reason this classic game is something you should try because you will only need 30 minutes at a time to complete a single round.

Obviously, you can play as many rounds as you wish. But gamers with a shorter amount of time on their hands can still indulge and enjoy the game in all its glory.

why you should totally try 'the nightmare before christmas' version of operation classic game

3. You Will Get A Chance To Operate On Oogie Boogie

In the movie, Oogie Boogie's stuffing can't stay put. So, it should not come as such a huge surprise that he'd need your help getting back together in this classic game. Honestly, he is the perfect patient. While operating on him, you can remove all kinds of things from him.

They include dice, worms, a deck of cards, keys, a snake, a spider, a bug, and so forth. So yes, this game is seriously enjoyable.

4. Anyone Can Take Part

In line with the simplistic all-inclusive thrill of the Operation game, The Nightmare Before Christmas version is just as exciting. People of all ages can take part in this game, and have the time of their lives playing it.

That's right. Even six-year-olds can comfortably play this version of Operation. Best of all, you only need two people to get started. So, you need not find experienced gamers to enjoy The Nightmare Before Christmas version of Operation, anyone can play it. That's pretty cool, right?