Why You Should Never Regret Losing Some Friends

Why You Should Never Regret Losing Some Friends

Many people would be lost without their friends around to support them, and some people have a lot of friends. However, not all 'friends' are actually friends – some are simply acquaintances.

In fact, some friends may not be true friends at all and can be a toxic addition to your life. If you lose so-called friends like this, it can actually be a blessing in disguise.

In this article, we will look at why you should never regret losing some friends.


Focus On Your True Friends

While many of us have a lot of friends, how many of these do we count as true friends? The truth is that most people have just one or two true friends.

These true friends are the ones that really count – the ones that are always there for you and make time for you. These are the friends that you will probably never lose.


With other friends, here are some reasons why you should not regret losing them:

They Were Toxic

You may find that some people you considered friends are actually toxic. They may talk about you behind your back or say nasty things about your other friends to your face.

Nobody needs friends like this in their life, as they bring nothing but negativity. So, you should never regret losing toxic people.


They Never Have Time For You

A true friend is always there for you and will always make time for you. This is what makes them a true friend, and you would do the same for them.

When people never have time for you unless they want something, they are not true friends. These are the types of friends you should never feel bad about losing from your life.


Everything Is About Them

Some so-called friends never talk about anything other than themselves. If you want to talk about something or do something, you end up frustrated because it is all about them.

No true friend would dismiss you in this way and focus on themselves. These are friends that you can definitely do without.

They Belittle You

Some people target specific people as friends just to make themselves look better. They then belittle you in front of others just to try and impress others.


These are definitely not people that you want to consider friends. They are anything but friends and are simply using you to improve their own image.

Hang On To Your True Friends

With people like these, you should never regret losing some friends. You need to focus on hanging on to your true friends, even if there are only one or two in your life.