Why You Should Never Go Back To The Person Who Broke You

Why You Should Never Go Back To The Person Who Broke You

Being in a relationship where your partner breaks you down rather than builds you up is very difficult. Sometimes, leaving such a relationship is even more difficult. There can be moments when you know that walking away would be best for you.

But, there can be moments when you have hope for a better future with your loved one. Sadly, that hope is false in most cases.

When you're in such a relationship, you'll know. You may deny it at first, but in your heart, you will know.

Be Strong, For Your Own Sake

People can change, sure, but it's not easy and those who think there's nothing wrong with them will not change. No matter how hard you try to help them. It just won't happen.

Deep down, you know you can't trust him. Not with your heart, love, or life. He has failed or betrayed and disappointed you so many times before.

You have cried, pleaded, and prayed that he would change, but it doesn't happen. For a few days, things look good but then it goes back to the way it was - messed up and unhealthy.

Things Won't Change Unless You Act

You can return to this person, but things will not change. He will remain complacent because there's no need for him to do anything. You keep coming back, why should he change then?

You will continue to build walls and rely on yourself - that is not what should be happening in a relationship.

Nothing will change as long as you don't take action. That is why you should leave. For your own sake (and perhaps his) you should walk away and start afresh.

He Was Never There For You

If you need motivation to finally take that step and pack your bags, think about how little support he has offered you. Whether you've been together for months or years, how many times has he actually been there for you?

How many times did he spend time with his friends, at work, with family instead of being with you? He was everywhere but with the person, he says he loves.

This Love Was Not Easy

You were left to fight your demons on your own. You never had his shoulder to cry on or his hand to hold when you needed it the most.

All of this made you stronger, but it's time that you leave this unhappy relationship.

Leave and never go back to the person who broke you. And he is the one that broke you.

You have to heal and that is not happening while you're still trying to fix your relationship.

He wanted you all to himself but could never give you much in return. You had to reject friends and family because he 'needed you more'. He basically alienated you from anyone who cares for you, and now you're alone.

You Have To Move On

You should face it: you settled for much less than you actually deserve. But you are not without hope. You can leave and you should.

Don't go back to the person who broke you because he is the last one who will be able to heal you. In fact, he doesn't have the right to fix you.

Put distance between you and start building a new life. You may want to hold a grudge against him, and that's normal. He is the reason you're having trouble trusting anyone else.

But for your own heart's sake, try to forgive. That will take a lot of time but it will free your spirit. Eventually, you will forgive him but not forget. Never forget what he did so you don't put yourself in such a situation again.

Be strong, be free and be happy. You deserve it!