Why You Should Never Give Up On Love

Why You Should Never Give Up On Love

Have you ever felt like you're sick of everything? Like you've had enough of life, and all the bad people who betray you and eventually leave you behind?

If you feel like you'll never find the right person and start giving up, stop for a moment and take this advice. You may not believe this now, but this is exactly when you should keep going and not be scared.

If you're going through tough times and feel like you can't take it any longer, if you feel like giving up, now is the time to stay strong and have faith in God. After all, He's the one putting you through this test.


He's testing your patience and your faith in Him. Everything happens to you for a reason, and, whatever it is, God knows the reason.

As God has a plan for every living thing on this planet, he has a plan for you. When something doesn't go the way you planned, it's because God's plans are different, and they are above yours.

There are moments when you don't know why everything happens the way it does, but trust me, eventually, all of these mysterious things will be crystal clear to you.


If the person you love won't come back to you, it's because you don't actually need them in your life anymore, even if you can't see this right now.

Your future is in the hands of God, and he's got it all worked out. Rest assured that, despite the pain, your life is beautiful because God loves you and doesn't want you to suffer.

He will send you the perfect person for you to spend your life with—someone whose soul is similar to yours and who is destined to be with you.


This person doesn't have to be perfect, but they'll surely be the one you need, and nothing matters besides that.

You should know that you're probably not going to meet this person when you want to. Only when you're ready—when you've become the person you need to be—will they enter your life.

Remember, though, God knows when the two of you are ready to meet each other. Therefore, he will only make you stumble upon them when it's time.


This may happen when you've lost all hope that someone out there exists for you or when you've completely given up on love.

It may also happen after you've gone through some dramatic breakup, or it may happen after many relationships with other people have failed.

This is God telling you to think about what you really want and to recognize the right person when you meet them.

And when this special someone comes into your life, you will immediately see why it didn't work with anyone else. Everything will suddenly make sense to you.


You'll know why you went through all of these struggles and why you had to deal with so many toxic relationships.

You'll see the reason you've experienced so much heartbreak and sorrow. It was to prepare you for the future, for the special person you end up with.

When they come to you, you'll know better than to leave them unappreciated.

So, you'll be thankful for any tragic loss and heartbreak that made you the stronger person you are now. You'll be grateful for the times you walked away from someone toxic.


Every time that has happened, God has been taking the wrong people out of your life.

Don't ever forget, God always has the perfect timing. It's never too early and never too late.

It just takes a lot of patience and faith, but it's definitely worth the wait.