Why You Should Never Date A Man With A Man Bun

You seem to have begun a romantic relationship with a man sporting a man bun. While you may find him attractive, there's a likelihood that he's concealing undesirable traits. Here's a glimpse into the reality of being with a man who dons a man bun:

1. He Clogs The Drain

Have you ever experienced the unpleasant task of extracting your own hair from the shower drain? Now imagine having to do the same for your boyfriend's hair. It's not a pleasant thought. Additionally, don't count on your partner to take responsibility for it - they might even shift the blame onto you by insisting that their hair doesn't shed.


2. He Steals Your Hair Bands

Despite owning thousands of bobby pins and hair bands, I struggle to locate even one on most days. When I eventually discover a hair band and stand in front of the mirror to style my hair, I hear the request, "Hey, can I borrow that?" Yes, you guessed it right. However, my partner refuses to buy his own hair bands, despite having a man bun. It seems acceptable to sport the style, but purchasing hair bands for his bun is beyond the realm of possibility.


3. He Hogs The Mirror

You may not have anticipated that your boyfriend with a man bun is quite high-maintenance. But, the truth is, he is. You might be surprised to know that he will likely spend more time grooming his hair than you do. If your relationship with him continues, he may begin to seek your opinion on his hair and take frequent bathroom breaks to ensure that it still looks perfect. The man bun may become a significant aspect of your relationship, almost like a third entity involved.


4. Spooning Is A Hairy Nightmare

Typically, I prefer being the small spoon in a cuddle, but occasionally I enjoy being the big spoon - or at least I used to. However, when attempting to snuggle a man with an excessive amount of hair on his head, you're likely to end up with a face full of hair. Needless to say, it's not a comfortable experience.

5. His Hair Looks Better Than Yours

I've lost track of the number of times I've dyed my hair - from dark to blonde and back again. I'm aware that my hair has probably sustained some irreversible damage due to these treatments. However, my man bun-sporting partner has never even blow-dried his hair, and it still looks glossy, healthy, and outshines mine. The worst part is that you won't be the only one to notice. Everyone around you will begin to compare your hair to his, and unfortunately, your hair will always come up short.


6. Girls Will Want To Touch His Hair

I understand that long hair on guys can look soft, and it may even be softer than it appears - which is saying something. However, some girls are simply obsessed with long hair on guys, and touching their partner's hair can result in excessive giggling. It's a behavior that can become quite tedious, and eye-rolling might become a common occurrence.


7. You'll Inevitably End Up Matching

I enjoy putting my hair in a bun when I exercise... until I realize that my partner has the exact same hairstyle. I'm not interested in looking like a male doppelganger. If you have friends similar to mine, they will relish capturing these moments in photographs.

8. He'll Be Considered A Hipster (Even If He's Not)

The term "hipster" seems to have taken on an excessively broad meaning. Merely drinking coffee or wearing glasses with rims is enough to earn the label. Even slight resemblances to a hipster's clothing or lifestyle can result in being classified as one. It's crucial to note that not all men with long hair are hipsters. Some of us have long hair and poor eyesight, that's all.


9. He'll Ask You To Do His Hair And It'll Be Weird

As women, we have considerably more experience dealing with hair. We've been managing our locks since childhood. Your boyfriend with a man bun will likely request your assistance with his hair occasionally, which can be awkward. He may have a particular idea of how it should look, leading to disagreements. Eventually, you might find yourself defaulting to the phrase, "Do your own hair."


10. Your Parents Will Have Concerns

Men with long hair can intimidate parents. Not all parents, of course, but many may be concerned. "I don't understand," your mother may say. "When will he cut his hair?" your father may inquire. Initially, it might amuse you, but after the umpteenth time they raise concerns about his hair, you might be inclined to shave it off yourself.


11. He'll Look Weird With His Hair Down

One of the most challenging aspects of dating a man with a man bun is when he releases his hair (which happens frequently). He can look like a completely different person, particularly from behind! When you engage in your first kiss with his hair obstructing his face, you might feel like you're kissing a woman – a very manly woman, but a woman nonetheless.