Why You Should Never Chase Anyone, No Matter How Much You Like Them

Chasing someone who plays games and only gives you minimal attention isn't worth it. You deserve someone who is present and shows up for you the way you show up for them. Instead of chasing, focus on living your life and attracting a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

1. Playing hard to get isn't cute anymore

Playing hard to get might have seemed like a good idea when you were younger, but it's not attractive or healthy in adulthood. If someone is still playing these games, it's a clear sign of immaturity and underlying issues. Don't waste your time on such behavior. You deserve better.

2. Don't try to fill in the blanks or make excuses

It's natural to want to make excuses for someone you care about, but it's important to be honest with yourself about their behavior. If you find that there are a lot of blanks in your relationship, it's a sign that something isn't right. Instead of trying to fill in the blanks, it's better to recognize the red flags and move on.

3. Believe people when they show you who they are

It's important to pay attention to patterns in someone's behavior rather than making excuses for them. If they consistently fail to follow through or communicate with you, it's important to take the situation for what it is and believe them when they show you who they are. Don't make excuses for someone's behavior, especially if it becomes a pattern.

4. You deserve someone who's equally as excited as you are

It's not worth chasing someone who isn't as excited about being in a relationship with you as you are. If they were truly interested, they would show it through their actions and behavior. Don't waste your time chasing someone who isn't fully invested. You deserve someone who is just as excited and committed to the relationship as you are.

5. There will be someone who will show up

It's not necessary to spend your life chasing after people who aren't good for you. If you're open to finding someone who can show up for you and you make space in your life for a healthy relationship, the right person will eventually come along. By walking away from those you've been chasing, you open the door for someone who is better suited for you to enter your life. Don't give up hope, a fulfilling relationship is within reach.

6. Don't get discouraged by others not showing up

It's important to remember that someone else's absence or lack of communication doesn't reflect your worth as a person. Don't let their actions dictate how you feel about yourself. Instead, try to focus on the fact that their behavior only says something about them and their priorities, not about you. It's easier said than done, but reminding yourself of this can help you maintain a healthy perspective and self-esteem.

7. Forgive yourself for chasing in the past

Beating yourself up about past mistakes won't help you move forward. Instead, try to have some forgiveness for yourself and recognize that you were doing the best you could with the knowledge and resources you had at the time. You're growing and learning, and it's possible to leave the behavior of chasing unavailable people in the past. Don't let your mistakes define you, but rather use them as opportunities to learn and grow.

8. They may come back when you're not chasing

Some people enjoy the thrill of being chased and may play games to get attention. It's important to avoid falling into this trap and remember that these people have shown you who they are from the beginning. Don't waste your time trying to win their attention or affection. Instead, believe them and move on to someone who is genuine and shows interest in you without playing games.

9. Maintain your dignity and say no

If the person you've been chasing does come back, it's important to be firm and let them know that you are not interested. You deserve someone who meets you where you are and doesn't play games. It may be difficult, but standing up for yourself and saying no will ultimately help you feel better about yourself. If it's challenging for you to break this pattern, be gentle with yourself and remember that it takes time to change long-standing habits.

10. You have better things to do

To sum it up, don't waste your time and energy chasing someone who isn't interested in you. You have a life to live and there are plenty of other things to focus on, such as your friends, career, and hobbies. Don't let someone else's lack of interest consume you and prevent you from enjoying your own life. Remember that you are worthy of love and attention, and the right person will come along when the time is right.