Why You Should Make Time For Your Friends, No Matter How Busy You Are

At certain points in life, we may not prioritize socializing due to various reasons, such as a new partner, a new job, or other matters that demand our attention. However, it's crucial to allocate time for our friendships. Even if we're occupied with many tasks, staying connected can be as straightforward as starting a conversation every so often, to show that we value our friends. They'll comprehend if we can't meet up multiple times a week, as long as we continue to demonstrate our concern. Being a supportive friend is always worthwhile.

1. If You Stop Trying, Eventually So Will They

For a friendship to thrive, it requires mutual effort. If one person constantly feels like they're carrying the load, eventually they may become discouraged and seek out companionship elsewhere from someone who appears more eager to spend time with them.

2. When You Really Need Them, They Won't Show Up

It's unreasonable to ignore someone's messages and calls for an extended period and then anticipate them to rescue you from jail when you abruptly contact them.

3. Guys Will Come Aand Go, But A Friendship Has Lifelong Potential

The girl who vanishes every time she enters a new relationship isn't well-liked. If you solely seek out friendships when you're unattached, it shouldn't come as a shock if no one responds when you're single again. Genuine friends should be present in your life, regardless of your romantic status.

4. You Don't Want To Wake Up One Day And Realize You Know Nothing About Them Anymore

As individuals mature, their lives can alter rapidly. However, this doesn't imply that their friendship can't progress alongside them. Yet, to achieve this, one must be prepared to invest effort and time; otherwise, they may drift apart until their friendship becomes a distant memory.

5. We All Need People To Confide In And Blow Off Steam With

When you encounter a frustrating situation at work, or say something foolish to a guy you like, texting your mom may not be the most efficient or gratifying option, particularly if she takes five hours to reply every time.

6. You Need A Life Outside Of Work

The mantra "work hard, play hard" holds true. Despite working extended hours, one still has days off and vacation time. Having friends to spend leisure time with enables a complete disconnection from work for a brief period, which is crucial.

7. You Need A Life Outside Of Your Relationship

For a relationship to be healthy, both individuals must have interests and pursuits beyond the relationship. Being a couple doesn't imply that you must do everything together. Your partner likely arranges activities with their friends, and they won't appreciate it if you always attempt to join in.

8. It's Pretty Lonely Reminiscing Alone

One of the greatest advantages of having long-term friends is the shared memories that span for years. And we're all aware that the most enjoyable reminiscing occurs after consuming a couple of glasses of wine.

9. One Day, You Might Be In Need A Wing Woman

If you find yourself suddenly single and eager to socialize, you'll regret not staying in contact with some of the girlfriends you spent time with before you and your partner settled into a routine of staying at home every Saturday night with Netflix and take-out.

10. Good Friends Know Each Other Better Than Anyone

There are likely certain aspects of your life that even your family members are unaware of, and a guy will never know how you were as a child. Maintaining a friendship with someone since childhood is valuable simply because you can reminisce about things like their favorite Backstreet Boy or the time they vomited on stage during a school play. Such memories can make for excellent material in a wedding toast.