Why You Should Feel Lucky To Have A Brutally Honest Friend

Why You Should Feel Lucky To Have A Brutally Honest Friend

I know you know the kind of friend I am talking about. This is a friend who will tell you the bitter truth even if it might sound harsh and brutal.

While it might seem like this friend cares less about your feelings, they do more good than harm with their unfiltered opinions.

It is only through the truth that we can grow into better people.

Don't get me wrong, sweet and kind friends have their place in our lives, but so do brutally honest friends. An honest friend can even be a relative or a colleague at work.

But this friend is straightforward.

You will never have to guess what difficult truth they were trying to talk about because they always get straight to the point.

If you have this kind of friend, then you can look forward to enjoying these amazing perks.

1. They Are Fun

Honest people are free spirits at heart. They also have a lot of wits and the ability to make you relaxed so you can enjoy your time.

Difficult situations don't defeat them, and that makes them very charming.

And let's face it, their brash honesty often comes off as sarcasm and jokes. People who are honest are also very daring, and that gives honest people a spirit of adventure that makes them very delightful to be around.

2. You Learn How To Stand Up For Yourself Around Them

You've heard it said that you are the company you keep, which is very true.

Honest people will not hesitate to stand up for who they are, and this behavior will obviously rub off on you.

Therefore, by spending your time around these people, you will learn how to stand up for what you believe in, and that will make your life much happier.

3. No Lies

One of the most common ways of protecting people's feelings is lying to them. An honest friend will not sink that low. You can count on getting a direct and honest response from them every time.

So, when you need honest advice, you can expect this friend to give it to you without sugarcoating their words and concealing some harsh truths to protect your feelings.

4. Genuine Compliments

Some people will always have something positive to say about you. While that's obviously sweet, the words don't feel as sincere as compliments from a brutally honest friend.

With this person, you know that if you were not worthy of a compliment, you would have received constructive criticism or no comment at all.

Since you can trust this friend to tell you the truth when you look horrible, you can also trust them to tell you that you look fantastic when you look superb.

5. They Pick Their Friends Carefully

If a brutally honest friend calls you their friend, you are very special.

These guys have no time for fakeness, and they prefer to interact with people who are down to earth and capable of handling honesty and truth.

Obviously, only a few people can manage this feat, which makes you special if a brutally honest person considers you a close friend.

I'll tell you a secret. On some level, we are attracted to people like us. So, if you are an honest person, you will easily see a best friend in an equally honest person. In short, if you have a brutally honest friend, hold on to them. You might learn a lot of great things about yourself from them and improve your life in several ways based on their influence.