Why You Should Date A Girl With Tattoos At Least Once

In the past, tattoos were linked with criminal behavior, gang affiliation, and other illegal activities. Nevertheless, the Pew Research Center reports that nearly 40% of millennials currently have a tattoo, and almost half of that population have more than one. Although still not entirely mainstream, tattoos have become increasingly accessible and accepted. With that in mind, here are some reasons why you should consider dating a woman with tattoos at least once in your lifetime.

1. They're Strong, Tough And Don't Take Any Crap

Receiving a tattoo is a painful experience, often requiring hours of enduring a needle repeatedly piercing the skin. Women who have tattoos have already demonstrated their ability to endure discomfort, making them less likely to fear emotional pain.

2. They Stand Out

Women with tattoos understand the significance of being distinctive and are unafraid to showcase it. Additionally, they are not intimidated by others' opinions or judgments.

3. They Look Super Cool Naked

It's undeniable that tattooed skin can appear incredibly impressive. Inquiring and keeping track of all the concealed tattoos beneath the sheets can lead to excellent pillow talk. Moreover, 70% of millennials who have tattoos reveal that their ink is hidden beneath their garments.

4. They're Not Scared Of Commitment

Tattoos are permanent, indicating that women with tattoos are not typically afraid of committing to something and staying loyal to it. However, if they have many cover-up tattoos, that might be a different story.

5. They Live Life On Their Own Terms

Women with tattoos are unconcerned with others' disapproval of their ink. They choose to live their lives according to their preferences and are not bothered by anyone who has an issue with it.

6. They Love And Appreciate Art In All It's Forms

Women who love art enough to adorn their bodies with it are often knowledgeable about their favorite musicians, painters, and photographers as well.

7. They're Expressive

Women with tattoos have a unique ability to convey their emotions and sentiments through the artwork on their body. They are self-assured in their identity and are unafraid to express themselves through their tattoos.

8. They're An Open Book

Women with tattoos have stories from their lives etched onto their bodies, making it effortless to discover more about them by inquiring about their tattoos.

9. They're Not Shallow

Women with tattoos and body modifications are usually accepting of all types of looks and body shapes because they comprehend the desire to appear unique from the norm. They are open-minded and unapologetic about their bodies and lifestyle.

10. They've Got A Little Bit Of A Bad Girl Side

This cannot cause any harm, can it?