Why You Should Be Careful With Ripped Jeans

Why You Should Be Careful With Ripped Jeans

What could be more welcoming than the warm, refreshing rays of the sun after months of the bitter cold? While the sun can really brighten your day, it can also be a terrible nightmare. You have to stay in charge to avoid some terrible experiences fans of ripped jeans are getting.

Getting sunburns is bad enough. What's worse is getting sunburn patches all over your legs just to enjoy the latest fashion.

Any weather has its ups and downs. The winter can make the outdoors seem like a plague. The summer, even as it urges you to step outside and enjoy the cozy weather, has its downsides.

When you step out into the sun, you will get more than an elevated mood.

Sunshine is considered a good thing, but it can also inflict a lot of pain if you are not careful.

Given enough time, the rays of the sun can do plenty of damage to the skin.

Sure, the weird burn marks might look funny on someone else, but they are no joke.

What makes it worse is that some people burn a lot more easily than others.

That cute pair of ripped jeans might not be a great idea if you cannot seem to resist the urge to stay in the direct sunlight.

Ripped jeans look cool-no one can deny that. You look fashionable without making so much effort.

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The sun is making some people rethink their appropriateness in sunny weather.

The first mistake you are likely to make is assuming that you can skip the sunscreen because you are wearing pants.

Big mistake.

Those places left bare after you slip into a pair of these jeans get the worst of the sun's rays.

Some people end up looking like they have been through excruciating whippings.

It's real torture. That is why lots of people on social media are putting up photos of themselves with their strangely colored skins after getting some sun while wearing ripped jeans.

Don't think it's just hours of exposure that pose a risk. For those with highly sensitive skin, a little over a minute in the sun is enough to cause red burn marks on the skin.

You will cringe looking at some photos people have taken of themselves after getting burned through the spaces on their ripped pants.

Not all marks are reddish though. Sometimes, they are dark, which makes the effect even weirder.

Guess what? The marks will not be gone when you get out of bed the following day.

No such luck. The marks can still be visible after hours of exposure to the sun a week later.

No, this is not a problem only fair-skinned people need to worry about.

Anyone whose skin tone would change while in the sun is a potential victim.

If not for nothing else, these findings should serve as a sobering reminder that the sun is not your best friend, even if it gives us the best weather.

By all means, wear ripped jeans all you want.

Remember one thing-you don't get to skip the sunscreen and get off burn free.