Why You Should Always Take The High Road, Even When You Really Want To Be Petty


At times, a person's initial reaction to a difficult breakup is to seek vengeance. This is particularly true if the individual has been dumped, or if they had to end the relationship due to the other person's unacceptable behavior. However, many of us have felt the urge to cause chaos in the aftermath of a breakup.

The desire for revenge can be problematic as it can bring out our worst traits. We become fixated on causing pain to the person who hurt us, to the point where it consumes our lives. This is a common experience, and many of us have succumbed to pettiness, which is never attractive.

Regardless of whether it's an ex-partner, a backstabbing friend, or a colleague who snatched your top client, it's always best to choose the mature route. I was uncertain why this was the case for a while, but I have since learned ten lessons about acting like an adult in challenging situations.

1. Revenge is a waste of energy

If you have ever planned revenge against someone who has hurt you, you are aware of the amount of energy it drains. It becomes an obsession, permeating every conversation and even invading your dreams. Do you want to be the person who cannot go through a discussion without turning every topic into a way to destroy the person who wronged you? This behavior will only push people away, even those who care for you. This leads us to...

2. You just end up humiliating yourself

Your immature actions, behavior, and fixation on completely ruining the other person's life only make you appear pitiful. Although you may not recognize it at the time, you will eventually reflect on your actions and recognize that you behaved in a completely embarrassing manner.

3. You honestly have better things to worry about

There are various other things in your life that require attention, such as rent payments, birthday celebrations, job duties, and potentially finding a new romantic interest. Given all of these priorities, it's clear that your focus should be on them, rather than on seeking revenge.

4. Being the adult actually causes them more grief

The adage "never let them see you fall" is relevant in this situation. If you can maintain composure and avoid reacting impulsively, it will keep the other person guessing. It's almost as if they are anticipating your outburst, but by not giving them the satisfaction, you avoid subjecting yourself to humiliation. It's almost like a form of psychological torture.

5. It will make them regret having wronged you

If you remain composed and demonstrate to others that you are the reasonable party despite being wronged, the person who caused you harm may experience regret. They may realize that they treated someone who is lovely, charming, and kind in an abominable manner.

6. You get to prove you're better than them

If news spreads about what occurred between you and the person who let you down, and you maintained your composure and took the high road, you will experience a sense of gratification. In this scenario, the other person will be viewed as the antagonist, while you will be seen as the victim who was treated terribly.

7. You're actually better off in the long run

When someone mistreats you, it becomes clear that you are better off without them in the long term. Regardless of the role they played in your life, be it significant or insignificant, your life is improved by their absence.

8. You get to avoid the "crazy" label

The notion that "bitches be crazy" is a stereotype that does not apply to you, without a doubt.

9. From the high road, you get to look down on them

Indeed, it is true: from your position of maturity and adulthood, having not engaged in any petty behavior or uttered any petty words, you are entitled to judge the other person for being the one who acted poorly. You may even wave to them from your lofty position in the clouds.

10. You want to be remembered for walking away like a champ

The most significant advantage of choosing the high road is the ability to depart with elegance, holding your head high, and being remembered as the woman who, despite having malicious thoughts, emerged victorious. By taking the high road, you have triumphed. Everyone desires to be a winner.