Why You Absolutely Must Be Dating More Than One Guy At A Time

Instead of criticizing men for their tendency to play the field, perhaps we should take a cue from them. Dating should not be a competition to quickly enter into a committed relationship, but rather an opportunity to enjoy oneself and experience different people and perspectives until finding someone with whom a serious connection is formed. The only way to achieve this is by dating multiple individuals.

1. You Change Your Definition Of Dating

No longer do you have to feel pressured or uncertain about the state of your relationship, asking the question "What are we?" By dating multiple men, you establish a standard that you won't commit without thoroughly getting to know someone. This eliminates the anxiety-inducing stage of constantly worrying about making mistakes and transforms dating into an enjoyable phase of your life.

2. You Stop Expecting A Relationship

When you date a greater number of men, you become increasingly cognizant that not all of them will become your future boyfriend. Without this pressure, you have the opportunity to truly see a man for who he is, and you promptly realize whether the relationship is simply a brief dalliance or has the potential for something more substantial.

3. You Don't Get Prematurely Attached

A considerable portion of dating involves women lamenting their inability to find a suitable partner. Consequently, when we do eventually come across a potential mate, we tend to cling on to him, even if he isn't necessarily a great catch. However, when you're dating multiple men simultaneously, the fear of losing one is significantly reduced.

4. You Have More Fun

Sometimes, our desire for an ideal romance can consume us, causing us to forget the importance of enjoying ourselves in the early stages of a relationship. Dating other people simultaneously can alleviate some of the pressure and allow you to let your guard down, enabling you to be silly and quirky without the fear of driving away a particular guy. After all, if he decides to leave, you still have other options.

5. You Open Yourself Up To More Experiences

Going out with different men provides an opportunity to experience a range of lifestyles. Rather than sticking to a specific "type," it's worthwhile to get to know anyone who catches your eye. You might end up trying snowboarding or drag racing or exploring any other peculiar interests a guy may have. As long as it's relatively safe and legal, it's more enjoyable to say "yes" and try new things.

6. You Can Set Your Own Rules For Intimacy

Contrary to the beliefs of some judgmental individuals, it is not necessary to have sex with every man you date. You are the best judge of your own boundaries and comfort level, so it's essential to decide beforehand what you're willing to do and what you're not - including the few exceptions where you won't budge - and firmly adhere to those guidelines.

7. You Get Better At Dating And Meeting People

Similar to most uncomfortable experiences in life, dating is a skill that necessitates regular practice. If you haven't dated for a while, it can be uncomfortable and awkward initially. However, the more you date and the more diverse types of people you interact with, the better you will become. When you ultimately meet someone who distinguishes themselves from the rest, you will have honed your charm and be at your best.

8. You Feel More In Control Of Your Love Life

The most unpleasant emotion experienced by any person is feeling as if they care more in a relationship. Nobody enjoys being left waiting at home while their partner is out at a bar with friends. Dating multiple men can become a significant aspect of your social life, which means you'll devote more time to enjoying your own life rather than fretting over his.

9. You Don't Get All Wigged Out Over Guys You Barely Know

I've lost count of how many times my friends have rolled their eyes in response to my panicked calls about a guy I've only been on a couple of dates with who I think might have lost interest. If you don't even know his middle name, it's unlikely that he's worth losing sleep over yet. With multiple love interests to focus on, you're less likely to notice if one of them starts to become distant.

10. You Make More Conscious Decisions When It Comes To Getting Serious

If a man starts to hint at wanting to be exclusive, you'll be in the proper mindset to make a decision. Since you haven't invested all your emotions in him, you can objectively consider if he is the type of man you can envision yourself being with or not.

11. You Get A Better Sense Of What You Want

There's no better way to understand what you want in a relationship than by figuring out what you don't. If you repeatedly date the same kind of guys, you'll never discover anything about yourself and what truly makes you happy in a relationship. Although dating multiple men may seem self-centered, it's the most enjoyable way to discover the kind of person you want to be with.