Why Women With Pure Empathetic Souls Struggle To Find Love

Why Women With Pure Empathetic Souls Struggle To Find Love

There are many types of women in this world, some of which find it easier to find love than others. For instance, you have women who are bossy and controlling, women who are meek and shy, and women who are, frankly, a little on the crazy side, to name but a few. You also have women with pure, empathetic souls who are eager to love unconditionally.

Why Some Women Like This Struggle to Find Love

One has to wonder why women who have pure, empathetic souls and who want to give their love unconditionally struggle so much when it comes to finding love. Well, often, it is because men simply cannot handle women with these qualities.

Some of the reasons behind this include:

These Women Want Commitment

A woman with this type of soul wants to get involved with someone interested in commitment. She wants to enjoy a long-lasting relationship that is loving and will stand the test of time, and this is something that can strike fear into the hearts of some men.

There are men out there who go into panic mode if they even hear the word commitment, and this is why some women who have pure, empathetic souls struggle to get into a relationship. The simple fact is that there are so many men who are scared of what they stand for in terms of commitment.

They Value the Meaning of Honesty

When women have this type of soul, they generally tend to be very honest and open – and they expect the same back in return. These are women that really value the meaning of honesty and believe that honesty is vital when it comes to their relationships.

Like commitment, honesty is another word that can make some grown men tremble at the knees for all the wrong reasons. Some men simply don't like the thought of having honesty as one of the core values in their relationship, so they steer clear of women who value it.

They Can See Through Others

Many women who have pure, empathetic souls can see through other people in a way that others cannot. They can sense the good qualities in other people, but they can also sense the bad ones, which makes them a frightening prospect for some men.

Some men haven't done anything bad, nor they have a bad bone in their bodies. However, the thought that a woman would be able to sense the bad in them still frightens them because they feel like they would be treading on eggshells the whole time.

They Want a Soulmate

In general, women with these souls want to enjoy intimacy and a long-lasting relationship with a soulmate. Once they find their soulmate, they will do everything in their power to keep the love and magic alive and make the relationship last.

Of course, this brings things back to commitment – a word that so many men are petrified of. When they realize that a woman is keen to find a soulmate and wants something that lasts forever, they often run for the hills.

Wait for a Man with the Strength to Handle You

Any woman with a pure, empathetic soul should never feel dependant on not having a partner because there is someone out there. It is just a case of waiting for the right man to come along – one with the inner strength and maturity to handle a woman with this type of soul.