Why Women Who Aren’t Content Make Great Partners

The common notion is that women who aren’t settled or satisfied in a relationship won’t make suitable partners. However, this has been proven to be far from the truth. Studies show that women who feel dissatisfied make far better partners. The following are the reasons why:

1. They are always putting in the effort

One thing about being satisfied in a relationship is that you stop putting in the effort. And over time, the relationship may hit a plateau. A woman who is less content will always strive to improve the relationship as well as empowering their partner to do so.

2. They won’t quit easily

Due to their go-getter spirit and always putting in extra effort, the women won’t easily give up on a relationship. Yes, they understand that nobody is perfect and may more often than not set the standards. Nevertheless, they are more willing to walk with you during Thick and Thin rather than calling it quits.

3. They aren’t clingy

One relationship “Killer” is being too clingy. You always want to be around your partner or questioning your spouse’s whereabouts. This can be at times a little annoying. To some people, it may come out as being controlling or lacking confidence. Dissatisfied women tend to be more independent. They won’t mind too much you hanging out with the boys, or even girls while they stay at home. In fact, during these times, they’ll probably be focusing on other constructive things.

4. They focus on self-improvement

Independence is a key recipe for self-improvement. Rather than always yearning to be around their partner, or being clingy, or complaining that their partner is a slacker, they will use the alone time to work on themselves. It may be furthering their career, growing a business, or finding better ways to improve on the relationship.

5. They are great talkers

Owing to the fact that they always seek new knowledge and improve themselves, women who are less content in a relationship make good conversationalists. They have broad exposure, knowledgeable, and can talk about many things. Chances of being bored in a relationship are less likely.

6. They won’t put up with BS

Although they understand the shortcomings in a relationship or their partner’s weakness, they still won’t bear a lazy or uncommitted spouse. Instead, they will talk about it openly while laying down the facts. Furthermore, they won’t put up with crap from their partner.

7. They face challenges head-on

Ignoring problems and challenges in a relationship isn’t their way of handling issues. Instead, they face them head-on no matter how difficult it may be. They won’t just sit back and let their partner handle it or give the silent treatment. And because of their independence, being a good conversationalist, and great knowledge, they more often than not have options or possible solutions.

8. They are more outgoing

Satisfied women usually let their spouses lead the way. If he/she is a more laidback person who doesn’t love adventure, then the relationship will follow this course. On the other hand, women less content in a relationship will come up with ideas or even take the lead when it comes to fun and adventure. And owing to their independent trait, they don’t mind doing it alone after all.

9. They make the bedroom more exciting

Having a go-getter spirit, being adventurous, taking the lead, and being a good conversationalist. This is the perfect recipe to heat up things in the bedroom. They won’t shy away from trying something new and are also not afraid to talk about things that need improvement. Simply put, they have a growing appetite for a fun life.