Why Women Want Guys Who Chase Them Even After They Already Have Them

Why Women Want Guys Who Chase Them Even After They Already Have Them

A woman wants a guy who will plan a date, respect and treat her like a queen, but also one who continues to chase her even after they have settled in a relationship with her. Women want guys who continue to pursue them even after they are together.

Here are some reasons why you should never stop pursuing your woman.

They want to be shown they are still worth it

It is easy for a man to chase a woman and relax once he has attained what he wanted, like sex, relationship security, and support. Unfortunately, women want men who continue to love and cherish them for who they are and not for what they offer.

The short-term chase is overrated

A guy who chases a woman hard to get what he wants is fantastic, but if he cannot maintain the enthusiasm and love once he has her, his actions will not impress her. They make women think that they had ulterior motives. A woman will believe that the man was putting a lot of effort so that she would fall in love with his ego stroke.

She won't stay where she isn't wanted

A woman won't stay with a guy who does not value her. Women need to feel wanted and loved; otherwise, they will terminate the relationship and search for a guy with real feelings and is not scared to show them.

Women don't want to be taken for granted

The first sign that a guy is taking his woman for granted is when he stops trying to impress her. He assumes that his woman will always be there. He does not inquire about how her day was, or make efforts to show romance. What these men forget is that these ladies can decide to walk away and never come back.

It is more than the honeymoon phase-it's better

Keeping the chase is not about continuing the honeymoon phase. Women do not anticipate that a relationship will be all about champagne and bliss. They are more realistic and want a man who will keep their relationship going no matter the obstacles. That is what they mean by the persistent chase. Men who will make them thrive in their relationship despite the obstacles.

Some men are only after the chase

Some men will show crazy love when they are chasing you until you make things official. That is when their true colors can be observed. They are thrilled when they pursue a lady, and after they get her, their game ends there. women want guys who want something unique and real.

They don't want a boring long-term relationship

Let us stop here for a minute; no one would want to be in a boring relationship for life! You need to spice up things with your partner to remain fresh and new every day. You need to understand that there are many milestones that you should achieve together after you have made your love official. Ladies want a guy who will be excited about sharing these milestones.

Women generally want guys who can care for them, make them happy and keep chasing them even after you have entered into a relationship with them.