Why "Wife Material" Is The Worst Way A Guy Can Describe You


In my younger days, I used to feel flattered when a guy called me "wife material", but now the very thought of it makes me nauseous. Settling for someone who sees you only as a potential wife is not a compliment and here's why.

1. He's Not Looking For An Equal

I believe in the institution of marriage, but it's all about the wording. Men who are seeking a wife are typically searching for someone who can improve their public image and take care of everything at home. Personally, I prefer to be with someone who is searching for a true soul mate.


2. Who's To Say He's Husband Material

When a man labels a woman as "wife material," it disregards the fact that women have their own preferences when it comes to their partner. It also shows that the man assumes he is the perfect husband material, without considering the effort required to maintain a healthy relationship. Women are not just props to make a man look good in public or fulfill their domestic responsibilities. A successful relationship requires mutual respect and effort from both partners, not just one person fitting into a preconceived role.


3. He Sees You As An Object

A man who considers a woman as wife material sees her only as a means to fulfill his own needs and desires. He ignores her individuality and disregards her interests and aspirations. A woman who values herself and her independence should never settle for a man who doesn't appreciate her for who she is.

4. He Cares Too Much About Status

The annoying thing about "wife material" is that it's rarely said by women. It's usually men discussing their girlfriends. If you want to be more than someone's wife, don't settle for someone who only sees you in that role. Find a partner who values you as an equal.


5. He'll Definitely Start Calling You Wifey

Being called "wifey" can be even more irritating than being called "wife material". It's disrespectful and patronizing, and it reduces women to nothing more than a domestic role. If women don't want to be seen as just a wife, men should respect them as individuals with their own lives and interests.

6. Marriage Shouldn't Be Determined By A Checklist

The concept of wife material implies that women are judged based on a predetermined checklist. It's not difficult to guess what might be on that list: being a good cook, keeping the house clean, and not interrupting during the game probably rank high. We would never reduce men to such a simplistic checklist, and we certainly shouldn't let ourselves be treated that way.


7. He's Looking For A Servant

In reality, the guy who labels women as wife material is simply identifying the skills that he thinks will be advantageous to him when he eventually lives with her. Can she operate a washing machine on all cycles? Check. Can she cook a roast? Check. Is she submissive? Check, check, and check. Don't waste your time with a guy who expects you to be his personal servant. Look for someone who values you as an equal partner.


8. What Does It Say About The Way He Treats Women

A man who sees women as nothing more than a checklist of desirable qualities isn't worth your time. If he's not willing to get to know you as an individual, then he's not going to make a good partner in marriage or any other kind of relationship.

9. Relationships Aren't A One Size Fits All Deal

While having a type is understandable, it's important to recognize that no two relationships are identical, and each person has their own distinct characteristics that contribute to the relationship. Even if two women possess similar traits such as independence, culinary skills, and organizational abilities, one might be your ideal partner while the other might not be a good fit for you. For a fulfilling and satisfying relationship, it's crucial to look beyond the surface-level qualities and connect with someone on a deeper level.


10. If A Guy Sees You As Wife Material, Whatever You Do, Don't Marry Him

If a man sees you only as wife material, he's far from being the ideal husband. He's simply searching for a replacement mother figure who'll do all his work for him and treat you as badly as any random woman. When I consider marrying someone, I want someone who loves and respects me as an individual and as an equal, not just as a potential wife. These qualities can't be reduced to the label of "husband material."