Why We Must Heal Ourselves First — Before We Become Healers, Teachers Or Mentors

Why We Must Heal Ourselves First — Before We Become Healers, Teachers Or Mentors

I have lost count of all the times I have walked out of face-to-face sessions intended to help me handle my mental and emotional pain.

It was because I had doubts about the person sitting in front of me. This person was supposed to help me heal, but I could see the unhealed wounds behind the authoritative facade.

No, I am not psychic.

The only way I could tell the person was suffering was because I was as well. I could relate.

We should have healed healers, mentors, teachers, leaders, and coaches serving us.

Also, you could see the same hurdles you had in your healing journey were the same things they could not help you overcome.

Think about it – how can someone help you overcome something they have not yet overcome themselves?

They need to tend their wounds first before they can heal other people.

But a lot of money was lost, and that was before I realized that many of these professionals are pretenders.

I was dealing with teachers, healers, coaches, and mentors who were still suffering from the problems they were supposed to help others resolve.

That's the self-help industry for you.

People who are preaching water and taking wine and peddling unproven solutions have not even worked on them.

Who needs help from such people!

If you are still suffering, why are you not doing anything about it?

Heal your wounds first, and you can position yourself as someone who can help another person heal.

Free yourself of the shackles that you are trying to help others break.

Here is how you go about it.

You can become a great healer, leader, teacher, mentor, and even coach if you move from being a wounded child.

Let the lightness in, and let it work in you. Don't worry. You will have enough of it eventually, and then you will release it to the universe, and none of it will be left behind.

This process will be cathartic, and it will heal you.

Take it further and live what you teach. Live by example, and stop being a hypocrite.

Above all, don't teach anything you have not learned yet. It's just unethical, and many are guilty of this.

A true leader leads by example. A true teacher teaches by example. Be who you say you are and mean it, not just in words but in actions.

Let your profession be your reality, not just your job.

But where is this coming from?

I'll tell you…

Because a wounded child has tried to heal me. And unsuccessfully, if I might add.

How does that help? Many people might believe they are beyond healing when their healers fail to cure them of their ills, not knowing that the healer is the problem, not the patient.

The experiences made me learn to heal myself, and it took a lot of work. But today, I am sure that a wounded healer cannot heal.

And so, if you are in this profession, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Does your wounded child come to the surface during your service to others?

Are you ready to be a healer, a teacher, a coach, or even a mentor?

If you are healed and are ready to heal others, then the world needs you more than you know.

But if you have yet to get to this point, then it's no big deal. Wait until you have healed. Take it from me - a day is coming when you will be healed.

You will be teaching the life you live, and the world will be a better place with you in it.

What it does not need are leaders who put up a front.

And so, do all you can to heal your mental and emotional pain before you start promising people you can help them heal.

We need a society with true healers, teachers, leaders, mentors, and coaches, not wounded children pretending to help wounded children get better.