Why Wait For Karma?

Why Wait For Karma?

Why wait for karma when you can go through the door of revenge in style?

Let us take these 7 beautiful steps to get revenge together.

At some point in our lives, we get to that stage where we conclude that we have showered ourselves and our family with so much love and it's time to shower that one special person with the same love or even greater love.

While some people believe "love is a scam", but I think the right phrase is "loving the wrong person is a scam". True love is a fairytale and yes, fairy tales do exist. I am sure you are wondering how you can meet or find the right person, your prince charming or sleeping beauty but it is not as easy as it seems. Life isn't all rosy and filled with chocolate (I do love white chocolate). You have to first kiss the frogs to get to the prince. But what if you want a particular frog to be your prince charming or sleeping beauty, to shower you with the same love you have to offer. But Nah, love is sometimes a one-way thing. And sometimes our hearts get broken in the name of love.


Being heartbroken is worse than being robbed of the last money in your purse. Being in one-sided love, being cheated on, being lied to, being abused is heartbreaking and we deserve better than that.

Well, no one is perfect blah blah blah but what happened to I will be there for you?, what happened to compromise?, what happened to I love you just the way you are?, what happened to I would never love anybody but you?, what happened to sacrificing for us?, what happened to I would go through heaven and hell with you?. Well now you, have been slapped so hard in the face by the truth.


Well, it has happened so let us think about the "what if?"; "What if you could hurt them more than they hurt you?", "What if you could make them cry over you, more than you did for them?". "What if you could get revenge for what they did to you?".

Yeah I know, it sounds evil but no, we are not talking about physical revenge. We are talking about mental and emotional revenge.


No one has the right to mess with you or play with your emotions and go free; you are perfect in every way, your style of dressing, your hair, your body shape, your personality, your choice of food. All these define you and you should be adored and not laughed at for who you are.

Sometimes I know you might be tempted to hit them in the face with a chair or punch them real hard(please don't do that! lol), but why do that when you can beat them mentally and emotionally. Like a Korean adage would say, a tooth for a tooth.


Let's walk through the door of revenge together.

To get there, we have to take these 7 steps. These steps would lead us to the door of satisfaction and happiness.

Step 1: Don't Waste Your Tears on Those Who Aren't Worth It

The best reaction after a breakup or having your heart broken is to shake it off and move on. Crying over your ex wouldn't change anything. He/she lost a priceless jewel which is you. Let them know it's their loss, not yours.


Step 2: Work on Your Physical Appearance

In general, after a breakup, most people tend to hide and go into their shell and forget about their appearance. But no, don't take that lane. Look the best you can. Look classy, look neat, look smart, look happy, and walk with high self-esteem.

Step 3: Build Yourself Mentally

Not only should you work on your physical appearance, but you should also work on your mental ability. Don't let them see you the same way they left you. Increase your standards mentally. If you were a shy cub, be a bold lion or lioness, be outspoken, state what you want, be mentally alert so that your ex or any other person can't put you back in that box you broke out from. You deserve the spotlight.


Step 4: Be Nice to Them and Flirt

Yeah, you read it right! Be nice to them, don't kick their chair when they want to sit but rather pull out the chair for them. You are free to flirt with whoever you want to flirt with. It is best if you do it in their presence or the presence of their friends so they would know you are not affected by what they did to you. Prove to them that you are more matured and stronger and couldn't care less about them.


Step 5: Return or Trash Everything They Gave To You

Seeing their gift would bring back memories and these memories would make you sad. I advise you, return those gifts or trash them. Do not be reminded of the past. Focus on the present and future.

Step 6: Don't Give Them Your Attention

Be it offline or online, don't let them get to you or sweet talk you. Un-follow them on every social media account, delete their number or pictures. Bury the past behind you.


Step 7: Get a Better Person

Yes, revenge is not complete until they find you happy with someone else, laugh and smile with a better someone, someone better than them financially, someone physically built better than them, someone with high class, standards, and status. Don't settle for less.

Finally, you deserve the best. Don't let anyone trample on your self-esteem and smile always. You are more beautiful if you are wearing your best smile.