Why The Guy Who Thinks He Doesn't Deserve You Is The Only One Who Does

If a man claims that he doesn't deserve you, it's often a sign that he either has low self-esteem or isn't truly interested in pursuing a relationship with you and is attempting to let you down gently. However, the circumstances surrounding his statement are crucial. If he uses it as a justification to avoid being with you, he is not deserving of your attention. On the other hand, if he expresses it as a genuine sense of amazement at being fortunate enough to have captured the interest of someone like you, then you have discovered a worthy partner worth holding onto.

1. He Knows You Deserve The Best

Considering how incredible you are, it's crucial that you never settle for anything less than what you're entitled to. It's likely that he perceives you as someone who could easily attract a wide range of potential partners, and he may be amazed that you chose him. This realization may even boost his self-confidence, as he understands that if he weren't good enough, you wouldn't have chosen to be with him.

2. He'll Always Put You First

If he genuinely believes that you have the ability to attract anyone you desire, he will strive to demonstrate that he is deserving of your affection. This entails dedicating himself to your relationship and putting forth a sincere effort. He understands that words alone are insufficient without corresponding actions, so he will prioritize your needs and well-being to demonstrate his affection for you.

3. He'll Always Care What You Think

It's not just that he values your perception of him; he also places a great deal of trust in your judgment overall. He recognizes your intelligence and feels fortunate to have you as a part of his life. He may even be inclined to improve negative aspects of his personality, as he truly believes that you're worth the investment of his time and energy.

4. He Wants To Be His Best For You

Whether it involves cultivating a beard because he knows you find it attractive, mastering the recipe for your preferred pasta dish, or reading your favorite book, he will put forth effort to impress you. He desires your attention and wishes for you to be interested in him, and he believes that the most effective approach is to demonstrate that he cares about the same things that matter to you.

5. He Wants You To Be Happy

Most importantly, a man who truly cares about you desires your happiness, even if it means that you're not with him. Although it may be difficult, if he cannot provide you with the treatment that you merit, he will not hinder you from seeking it with another person.

6. He Won't Take You For Granted

A man who is amazed at his good fortune of being with someone like you will consistently demonstrate gratitude for what he has. He is driven to maintain your contentment to ensure that you remain in his life, and you will not encounter him ignoring you to spend time with his friends or behaving as if he would be content without you.

7. He Won't Go Looking For Something Better

He considers you to be the best possible partner for him and believes that he cannot find someone better than you (and truthfully, you should not be with any man who thinks otherwise). Although he is only human and may occasionally ponder the possibility of being with other women, he is sincerely uninterested in pursuing a relationship with anyone but you.

8. He Knows How Good He Has It

If a man believes that he has discovered someone remarkable, he has likely dated several women in the past who were not right for him. He distinguishes between women whom he desires to have a good time with and those with whom he envisions a genuine future, and you happen to be the latter type.