Why The First Few Weeks Of Dating Feels So Good

Why The First Few Weeks Of Dating Feels So Good

The first few weeks of dating someone, someone you really get along with, feel great. Many people refer to this as the "honeymoon stage."

Both you and your romantic flame are blissfully unaware of each other's bad habits, or rather, blinded by the sheer joy of having each other around to the point where you don't care if they chew with their mouth open or not.

I mean, think about it. What was it like when that person you've always been attracted to finally asks you out? The feeling of excitement is immeasurable. You'll be grinning from ear to ear for no reason at all. Don't let anyone take this good feeling away from you, either.

Though it's true that the intensity may not last forever, it is still a time in which you should be able to feel all the joy of new love.

Common signs that you are still definitely in the first few weeks of dating include constantly staring at your date's photos, inability to sleep due to communication with your interest, and spending a lot of time together. This isn't a bad thing at all; it is absolutely normal. But why do these initial stages feel so good?


why the first few weeks of dating feels so good

When your new love shares personal information with you, it creates trust and helps bring you closer.

When this trust reaches a certain level, they may introduce you to their family and friends or even encourage you to spend time at their place. All these are indicators that they are ready to make you a permanent part of their life.


Because new couples feel physically attracted to each other, romantic feelings are easily felt. Some PDA here and there excites you because you know they love showing you off in public.

Not to mention, being treated to date nights, movie nights, picnics, and outdoor adventures shows effort. I mean, someone is actually going out of their way to create memorable, exciting experiences for you.

Hopefully, they will never stop doing this, but this is absolutely part of why those first few weeks of dating are so special. Your interest is romancing you.

Good Communication

why the first few weeks of dating feels so good

Whenever the two of you are apart, you will remember to call or text now and then. Social media has helped with this process, making it possible to chat faster and in different ways.

When you see a message notification from your interest, it feels great because you know they're thinking about you. You must be awfully special to them if they just randomly start thinking about you during the day or choose to share something with you and feel they can't wait until the next time you're together.

Spending Time Together

Anyone that's in love hates to be apart from their beloved, and the same goes for the first few weeks of dating. Of course, you really have to hit it off with someone for this statement to be really true.

But it's not unusual for the most independent of people to suddenly feel like they want to be around their love at all times. It's a confusing feeling, but let yourself feel it. Because when you are together, it'll feel great!

You now have a partner in crime, someone you trust and love; you have your karaoke partner, a new drinking buddy, a fellow concertgoer, and someone to enjoy life with in general.

Boosts Self-esteem

why the first few weeks of dating feels so good

When you know that someone is attracted to you and is interested in dating, it boosts your self-esteem. Just beware, sometimes you can mistake insecurity for a boost in your self-esteem.

For example, you'll find yourself taking time to make yourself look good physically. It could be minor things like hair-dos, manicures, shopping for new clothes, starting a workout regimen, etc. You should really be doing these things for yourself, not because you think it'll make you look more attractive to the other person.

Even though those first few weeks feel great, you don't want to mistake a boost in your own sense of self-esteem for manipulation and feelings of inferiority.


The honeymoon phase of any relationship makes you look at everything your partner does from a positive angle. You love and adore them, and that's all you know.

Being in the Moment

why the first few weeks of dating feels so good

The early stages are all about sharing conversations and experiences. There is no time to question their background or trying to find out if they are hiding something from you. All you care about are the feelings you are having at the moment.

Losing Focus

Your body, heart, and soul only think about your new-found love. You may spend hours fantasizing about your partner and lose focus on other people or other important things in your life.

Unfortunately, this can take a toll on your body, as good as it feels; you may be losing sleep or not eating as much. So make sure you keep your priorities in order -- I know it can be hard, but I believe in you!


why the first few weeks of dating feels so good

When you first kick things off, you don't care about whether the relationship is for the long haul or if a split is around the corner. The mere fact that you are completely into someone and can lean on them is reassuring.

After probably going through a few breakups in the past, you will feel that you have another chance at love for sure. You get to experience the whole cycle again and enjoy those first few weeks filled with euphoria that someone actually likes you enough to date you again!

Less Lonely

Since you finally have someone to keep you company or talk to most of the time, feelings of loneliness will fly out the window—no more self-pity or wanting to be by yourself because you are sad.

New love creates joy and happiness and allows you to let the other person in, regardless of what you are going through. During this blissful period, you realize that some relationships are replaceable, and it's okay to move on.

In Conclusion

If you have entered into a new, healthy relationship with someone who fills your stomach with butterflies, the first few weeks of dating will be the best.

Enjoy the moment; take it a day at a time without that horrible foreboding feeling that something will go wrong. And go at your own pace -- if you find that the honeymoon phase lasts longer for you than other people, so be it! It's your relationship, not theirs.

And who knows, maybe that dating euphoria will turn into a happily ever after.