Why Some Say The Black Knight Satellite Is A 13,000-Year-Old Alien Spaceship

why some say the black knight satellite is a 13,000-year-old alien spaceship

As to how the Black Knight Satellite theory began, nobody knows for sure. Still, those who believe in the idea argue that this space object was first discovered by Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American physicist, in 1899 when he received a cryptic message from space.

The famous scientist said of his findings:

"The changes I noted were taking place periodically and with such a clear suggestion of number and order that they were not traceable to any cause then known to me..."

The theory started after Tesla recorded a signal which he believed to be artificial in nature. He went a little further and suggested it came from a species outside our world.

Why Some Say The Black Knight Satellite Is A 13,000-year-old Alien Spaceship
why some say the black knight satellite is a 13,000-year-old alien spaceship

Staunch supporters of this theory claim that Nikola Tesla got strange radio transmissions while in his lab in Colorado Springs back in 1899.

At the time, Nikola already had a highly sensitive wireless radio receiver. Through this device, he got unexpected electrical signals that, in his conclusion, came from "highly intelligent beings" on planet Mars.

The famous scientist was quite excited about his discovery, and he wrote that he felt as if he was "present at the birth of a new knowledge or the revelation of a great truth."

Strangely, although believers in the Black Knight Satellite theory argue that Tesla helped prove that the unusual extraterrestrial object existed, they insist that his conclusions about it were dead wrong. According to them, the signals Tesla received were from aliens trying to get in touch with humans.

Without a doubt, Tesla was a genius, and there is plenty we should thank him for, but his remarks about aliens on Mars communicating with us were a little off the mark here. Today, we know for sure there is no intelligent life on Mars. He also once suggested that intelligent beings could be dwelling on the Moon, which is obviously not the case.

The truth is that the signal could have come from a place a lot further than Mars or even from our planet.

NASA Accused Of Hiding The Truth About The Alien Spacecraft

Why Some Say The Black Knight Satellite Is A 13,000-year-old Alien Spaceship

The Black Knight Satellite theorists insist that NASA is actively hiding the fact that a UFO has been going around our planet for several centuries. According to this theory, extraterrestrial spacecrafts have been orbiting our planet since the Stone Age.

As far as they are concerned, The British Black Knight Rocket program, running from Woomera in Australia, tried to take the satellite down in 1961 without success. According to this theory, that's when the object earned the name Black Knight Satellite.

Although the project did exist, its mission was unrelated to what the conspiracy theorists claim it was. Of course, to them, that sounds like a cover-up.

The mystery around this object keeps growing.

On the one hand, some people claim that NASA is trying to cover up the truth. On the other, experts claim that people have misunderstood space debris and radio signals, leading to the conclusion that an alien spaceship has been orbiting our world.

By 1998, the theory had avid believers, who already strongly believed that NASA was always lying to them, especially after the space exploration agency released a mysterious photo in the same year of a strange object close to Earth's orbit.

NASA, however, had an explanation for the photo it had just shared with the world.

The agency claimed that the picture was from a Space Shuttle mission sent to help with the construction of the International Space Station.

This shuttle had plenty of equipment, including thermal blanket covers meant to serve as insulation at the station. However, one of the blankets got lose during a spacewalk and floated away. In fact, Jerry Ross, an astronaut, was radioed by Commander Robert Cabana about it:

"Jerry, one of the thermal covers got away from you."

It got loose while Jerry and his team were trying to attach an American module to a Russian module on the International Space Station.

Astronauts took several photos of the blanket cover as it floated in space in 1998. It was designated as an object floating in low-Earth orbit, which means it was within 1,200 miles of our planet. It was named 025570, and a few days later, it burned up completely.

Those taking the photos had no idea how seriously the images would be misinterpreted. What some thought was an interesting piece of space debris was to conspiracy theorists irrefutable proof that aliens were closely monitoring our planet.

However, with this outrageous allegation against the space agency, the crazy theory, which has been around since 1973, was revived once more.

Anyway, the strange alien satellite is apparently no more. Apparently, elite Illuminati soldiers shot it down several years back. Why the secretive organization would want to destroy this strange space object is a mystery for another day.

A Former Believer Has Called The Theory "Black Knight Satellite Nonsense"

Why Some Say The Black Knight Satellite Is A 13,000-year-old Alien Spaceship

In 1954, a claim was published in The New York Times saying that there were two "natural satellites" orbiting our world. UFO researcher Donald Keyhoe made these claims. However, leaders of The Army Office of Ordnance Research disputed these reports.

It was later observed that he was trying to promote a UFO book and that the news stories were probably not meant to be taken seriously.

In any case, believers in the Black Knight Satellite theory got more evidence to support their claims after Jorgen Hals, a Norwegian engineer, got a series of signal echoes three seconds after ending his transmissions. The signals have since been named Long Delayed Echoes.

So, before this theory took root, many events have been observed in the past century leading up to this strange idea. Many unrelated stories have been stringed together to make up one incredible story.

The conspiracy theory has evolved to the point where a government cover-up is now part of the story. This claim took root after the US and Russia launched satellites in 1958 and 1957, respectively. Since then, some people have insisted that the government is trying to cover up the existence and the origin of this alien object.

A popular ufologist, Jacques Vallee, argued that he had taped a UFO going around the Earth until it was curiously taken away. This fueled claims that NASA was trying to hide something. This is just another example of someone promoting fringe ideas and over-interpreting photos of space objects.

In fact, Duncan Lunan, a sci-fi writer, put together all these matters to make up this theory in 1973. That's when it really took off. According to Lunan, a 13,000-year-old UFO going around our planet was the reason behind these unexplained sightings and signals. He also claimed to have decoded the message, which he said was from an alien race.

Why Some Say The Black Knight Satellite Is A 13,000-year-old Alien Spaceship

Later, Lunan withdrew his claims and even said he wanted nothing of the "Black Knight Satellite nonsense."

He also explained that he made errors and used unscientific methods to draw his bizarre conclusions.

However, the theory still thrived without him, and it continues to spread even today.

These adamant believers in the alien spacecraft theory are unwilling to let go of their claims even after evidence offered an alternative explanation for Tesla's signals.

Scientists believe that Tesla detected electromagnetic signals produced by pulsars. These were discovered in the 60s, long after he got the strange signals, which is probably why he didn't have a good explanation for them.

The Issue With The Black Knight Satellite Story

Why Some Say The Black Knight Satellite Is A 13,000-year-old Alien Spaceship

The problem with this theory is that there is no consensus on the identity of the object known as the Black Knight Satellite. After it was allegedly destroyed, some believers still claim it can be seen from time to time.

This theory is nothing but a bunch of unconnected events. Black Knight Satellite theorists are trying hard to make it seem like there has been a UFO orbiting our planet for thousands of years without our notice.

Clearly, these conspiracy theorists are not about to admit they might be wrong, despite the availability of mountains of evidence disapproving the existence of the Black Knight Satellite.

Is it completely unlikely that an extraterrestrial satellite could be orbiting our planet? Absolutely not.

However, claims that extraordinary objects exist require extraordinary evidence. So far, none has been presented by those who promote the theory. If NASA is trying to cover it up, then they are doing a terrible job of it, considering all the "incriminating" photos they have put up on their website.

That said, it does not seem like the Black Knight Satellite theory is going away any time soon.

According to Alice Gorman, a professor at Flinders University in Australia, seeing space objects in detail is challenging, even with modern technologies. This means we are often free to imagine whatever we want about their origin, appearance, and significance.

There is nothing strange in people believing in the Black Knight Satellite theory. Gorman is even shocked there aren't more outrageous claims about space objects floating around:

"It's astonishing that there aren't more conspiracy theories about stuff in space."

So, just like that, the Black Knight Satellite theory lives on.

Recently, in 2020, there were claims that the Black Knight Satellite was seen over the Philippines.

Apparently, a resident saw the object hovering over the country, and those who believe in this theory took this as additional proof that aliens are keeping a close eye on us. Maybe the Illuminati didn't manage to destroy the satellite many years ago as previously thought.