Why Smart Women Are More Likely To Remain Single

Why Smart Women Are More Likely To Remain Single

Being smart is an admirable virtue, and every man strives to be with such a woman. However, according to research, intelligent women are more likely to remain single. The reasons are based on biological issues and the fragile male ego. This may be true to some extent, but a more important reason explaining this starts from what a woman wants from the relationship.

They want a guy but don't need one

Other women need a man to carry out some tasks in their lives. This is not the case with smart women because they can figure out things by themselves and run their businesses correctly. They will survive if they're left single.

They prefer being single than in a bad relationship


Smart women will not make any excuses to remain in an unhealthy relationship. Most of them don't get into the relationship in the first place because they can sense trouble from miles away.

They have no time for games

A smart woman will not have to play games to try to convince a man to love them. They're just too busy for that. They will not tolerate the modern dating madness of having to send nudes to get attention.

They aren't capable of settling


Smart women will not just settle with an idiot for the sake of having a boyfriend. They won't waste time on anybody unworthy because they are capable of finding someone better.

They know what they want

Smart women learn from their mistakes and are incapable of repeating the same ones. You'll never find a smart woman dating a wrong guy after another because they know what they want.


They are not easy to impress

You cannot impress a smart woman with material things like cars or just sweet talk. They'll instead settle for a man who appreciates them and offers comfort instead of promises.

They know if a man is worth their time

A smart woman knows if a man is worth her time. She prefers spending time alone on weekends than give the wrong guy her precious time. She has better things to do than give a worthless guy all her time.


They don't follow the crowd

Smart women are capable of making their own decisions and won't do something because everyone else is doing it. They'll never force themselves into a relationship because people think being single is a misfortune. They date whom they want to date and at the time they want.

They're too busy to date

Smart women have a lot of things to do and plenty of work to keep them occupied. They prefer building their career lives and their social lives rather than dating one guy after another. They believe they'll meet the right guy at the right time, but at the moment, they need to focus on their lives.

Smart women don't think like other women and dating them requires more understanding and patience. If you are the kind of a man against a successful woman and would like more attention focused on you, you won't succeed in dating an intelligent woman.