Why She Is Skeptical About Sending Nudes

Why She Is Skeptical About Sending Nudes

Keeping a relationship going requires love, work, commitment, and spice. Studies show that most people in relationships are happy due to sexting, dirty talks, and the exchange of nudes. Don't get it wrong, love is beautiful, it helps you conquer the hard times, but it is not always enough to sustain a relationship.

Sending nudes is very common in relationships today, but some women are skeptical about sending nudes. No amount of persuasion can make them change their minds.

For women, exchanging nudes is a big deal. You have to be their person/partner, and they have to trust you and be sure that you would preserve their honor. No woman wants to wake up to her nudes on the internet. So if you don't want her to be skeptical about sending nudes to you, act accordingly.

Also, understand your partner enough to respect their decisions. The fact that your past girlfriends sent you nudes doesn't mean that your present girlfriend should do the same.

Similarly, as much as you want to spice up your relationship life, try not to pester your girlfriend into doing something she doesn't want to do.

Relationships are not easy to sustain, and those in long-distance relationships will agree with this. They have to constantly keep the spice going, and sending nudes is one of the best ways of doing this. If you're in a long-distance relationship and your girlfriend is skeptical about sending nudes or suddenly stops, she has good reasons for that.

If you're one of those who go into relationships with high expectations, you might end up not enjoying your relationship. As much as sending nudes is almost a norm, it is important that you know why she is skeptical about sending nudes.

1. Once She Starts, It Never Ends

Why She Is Skeptical About Sending Nudes: 6 Eye-opening Reasons

She is skeptical about sending nudes because she knows that one is never enough and you'll keep asking for more. You know how they say humans are never satisfied, well, the same happens with sending nudes.

The brain works in such a way that it wants to keep consuming exciting content. Those who have found themselves addicted to pornography can attest to this.

Let's say she succumbs to your request and sends one. Do you think it will end there? Can you guarantee that you will not ask for more? The answer is obviously no.

Your brain will start imagining what other angles would look like. You will want to know how beautiful it will be with lights everywhere. You would even ask her to try it with filters.

A lot of thoughts start running through your mind the minute she begins to decline your request. Your relationship will suffer because distrusts sets in. You start to think she's sending it to someone else. All these things are what she is trying to avoid, hence she is skeptical about sending nudes.

As interesting as you think sending nudes is, your girlfriend might not share the same opinion. So if she starts being skeptical after sharing a few with you, it is your job to be understanding and see things from her point of view. It is not advisable to pester, convince, or use force her to send. Respect her decision.

2. You Might Share The Nudes With Other People

Why She Is Skeptical About Sending Nudes: 6 Eye-opening Reasons

Ladies are very protective of their bodies. So they have to know how safe those photos are before they send them to you. While taking these photos, a lot of thoughts runs through her head.

She wants to know if you're viewing them alone or if you have company. It is believed that guys enjoy looking at nudes in the company of their friends, so she might be skeptical for this reason.

She might question the decision to send nudes because she feels you might brag to your friends about how beautiful and sexy she is.

Mistakes happen all the time. Your girlfriend might be skeptical about sending nudes because she knows they can be leaked or shared.

You might not be the only person to share her photos. Imagine your friend has your phone for a while, goes through your photos, and finds her nudes there. There is a high possibility that he would be tempted to send them to their phone of your clique. This is enough reason for her to be skeptical about sending nudes.

3. She's Thinking About The Future

Why She Is Skeptical About Sending Nudes: 6 Eye-opening Reasons

One thing everyone worries about is the future. No one wants their past mistakes to haunt them when they become important members of society. You might feel she is worrying about nothing; you might even say the future will take care of itself, but this doesn't apply when it comes to sending nudes.

So, she has every right to be worried about sending nudes because we can't predict the future. You never know what can happen. Your relationship might not last forever because breakups happen all the time.

If the relationship ends on a bad note, you might leak her nudes as a form of revenge. The sad truth about leaked nudes is that they can destroy a woman's life. She could become an outcast in the community, and no woman wants that!

In the case of breakups, she won't be comfortable with her ex having her nude photos. What happens if you feel salty about the breakup process? Would it make you post it or threaten her with it? Humans can't be trusted and sometimes, we can't trust ourselves. Rather than be sorry later, she would rather not take this risk.

4. You Never Appreciate Her

Why She Is Skeptical About Sending Nudes

Ladies love being appreciated. They never get tired of hearing you talk about how beautiful they are.

Appreciating your girlfriend makes her want to do things for you. She would want to make you happy and make you appreciate her more. She might even go first by sending naked pictures of herself to you. Yes, that's how far she can go.

On the contrary, if you stopped complimenting her, she would see no reason to go the extra mile for you. If she's skeptical about sending nudes, you need to check if you stopped appreciating her.

How To Make Her Less Skeptical About Sending Nudes

Why She Is Skeptical About Sending Nudes: 6 Eye-opening Reasons

Sending nudes is a sexual activity! Those who do not like the idea of engaging in this activity have reasons for it, and some of these issues might need fixing.

Since you would be exposing your body, it is best to make sure you are both comfortable with the idea. Otherwise, above are the reasons she might be skeptical about sending nudes.

Even if she is skeptical about sending nudes, do not pressurize her. Be gentle and understanding. Find out ways of making her more willing to send nudes, or learn to accept that she will never be comfortable with the idea. Keep in mind that just because she won't send nudes, it does not mean she does not trust and love you.