Why She Doesn't Believe In Love Anymore

Why She Doesn’t Believe In Love Anymore

I am sure you have met her. The girl who does not believe in love anymore. You might see her as heartless and cold. But I am here to tell you she used to be full of warmth and love. Not anymore. You may want to get near to her but there are things you need to know before you try to go down that route. There are reasons she does not believe in love anymore. Reasons why she seems so cold and distant. So what are they?

1. She Has Been Hurt Before.

This girl would give and give, and the person on the receiving end would just take and take. She would pour her heart and soul into her relationships and get absolutely nothing in return. She would get so exhausted from it. It burned her out. Why couldn't someone just give back to her what she was putting out?

2. She Has Been Cheated On.

It feels like someone punching you right in your gut when you find out someone has cheated on you. It shifts your world. Your outlook on love changes, and who you are inside changes. You grow cold and angry. If you want inside of her world you have to be ready for questions and to be reassuring. She will protect herself at all costs.

3. She Has Been Deserted.

When you pour your all into someone and then they just up and leave is an earth-shattering thing. You build this wall up so high that no one could possible get in. And then if there happens to be a small crack with a hint of light you try to patch it to keep everyone out.

4. She Has Been Pushed Aside.

Have you ever tried to be someone's everything? Just to be pushed to the back burner? It sucks. You seek their attention but their attention is elsewhere. She slowly began to feel neglected. If this was what love is why would she want it?

5. She Never Felt Welcome.

When you are in a relationship you just kind of expect to feel welcomed into the other person's life. But maybe that was not the case. Maybe every time she came over, her significant other acted as though she was invading their personal space. So therefore she stopped trying.

6. She Has Been Lied To.

Honesty is always the best policy, heck she probably held on to honesty really hard. It would start with one small white lie and then she saw he was a pathological liar. She stopped trusting everyone because of it.

7. She Never Felt Love.

Maybe, just maybe she is so distant because she never felt what love could really feel like. Or she grew up never seeing two people truly love and care for each other. Maybe her world consisted of hatred for the other.

There are so many reasons she does not believe in love at all. If you want to get inside her world you are really going to have to work really hard. It will involve a lot of patience on your part. It will be so worth it because when she finally understands love she will be so passionate about it.