Why Recovering From A Narcissist Can Be So Difficult

Why Recovering From A Narcissist Can Be So Difficult

Anyone who has ever had a narcissist in their lives will know that recovering from a narcissist can be a difficult and lengthy process. It can be really difficult to recover from a narcissistic relationship, and this is for many reasons.

Of course, it is important to give yourself time after this type of narcissistic association, as you need to get your life back on track. This is because being with a narcissist can impact negatively on your life in many ways, so there is often a lot of work to do once you get them out of your life.

Some of the Steps to Recovery

There are various steps you may have to take when recovering from a narcissist, which is what makes the process so difficult. Some of these include:

Getting Your Confidence Back

When you are with a narcissist, one of the things that will take a real battering is your confidence levels. This is because narcissists will do anything they can to put you down, belittle you, make your feel worthless, and downplay your achievements.

So, when you get out of a relationship with a narcissist, one difficult thing you have to do is learn to have confidence in yourself again. This can be difficult to do, and it won't happen overnight, but you will get there eventually.

Re-Engaging with Loved Ones

Another thing that many narcissists will do is to alienate you or even make you cut ties with your close friends and family members. This gives them greater control over you because they know that you have nobody else to turn to.

If you have found yourself in this situation, one thing you will have to do is start rebuilding your relationships and re-engaging with loved ones. Most will be very understanding of the situation and will provide you with the vital support you need.

Learning How to Trust

It comes as no surprise that when people have been in a relationship with a narcissist, they then find it very difficult to trust other people in the future. This is a natural reaction based on personal experience, and it can make it difficult for victims to forge new relationships.

It is important that you do not lose trust in everyone because of one specific person, as this could have a serious negative impact on the rest of your life. So, another long journey that you may face is to learn how to trust people again.

Resisting Temptation

When you break up with the narcissist in your life, it can be very tempting to contact them again soon after because you are so used to having them around. Some people feel so alone that they consider getting back into the relationship during the early days.

So, another difficult task you might face is resisting the temptation to get back in touch and let the narcissist talk themselves back into your affections. It will take time to get over it, but you need to be strong and avoid all contact where possible.

Move on With Your Life

The main thing to remember is that although recovering from a narcissist can be very difficult, it is vital for you to move on. So, you need to get as much support as you can from loved ones, muster up as much strength as you can, and move your life forward.