Why "Perfect" Is Ruining Relationships

Perfection is what we all want in love, but it's impossible to achieve. Our constant search for it only leads to a string of failed relationships. Though I'm a perfectionist, I've learned that love is beautifully flawed, and striving for the perfect is ruining our chances of finding lasting love.

1. Things Will Go Wrong

In any relationship, things can and will go wrong. There will be disagreements, moments of frustration, and doubts about the future. But in those moments, something goes right, and we remember why we're together. We need to accept that love isn't always perfect and that it takes work to make it last.


2. Love Is Incredibly Flawed

Love is an emotion that can bring us joy and sorrow. Sometimes we feel it, but the other person doesn't. The idea of love may seem perfect until we experience it ourselves and see its flaws.

3. Relationships Don't Just Magically Work

In a perfect world, relationships would work effortlessly, but in reality, they require work to overcome obstacles. Running away at the first sign of trouble isn't an option.


4. Our Standards Are Insane

Having standards in a relationship is essential, but they should be realistic. Searching for perfection is a recipe for disappointment. It's impossible to find, and even if you think you have, it's likely that person will turn out to be a disappointment.

5. Everyone's Idea Of Perfect Is Different

Each individual's definition of "perfect" varies, which is why achieving perfection in a relationship is difficult. Your partner will have their own standards of perfection, making it impossible for either of you to meet the other's expectations.


6. Everyone's Too Damn Impatient

The idea of perfection is toxic for relationships. It's common for people to nitpick and focus on small things, such as the color of a toothbrush or musical preference. These trivial details should not be the cause of a break-up. People need to be more accepting and give their partners a chance.

7. You Can't Expect What You Aren't

Although we believe that we are perfect just the way we are, this is only partially true. Everyone has flaws and quirks, and it is impossible to find someone who is perfect. Therefore, it is unreasonable to expect a flawless relationship when neither partner is perfect.


8. The Dream Is Just That — A Dream

Dreams and fantasies about perfect relationships are enchanting, but reality is different. Some days you may be frustrated with your relationship, while on others, you may be deeply in love. It's essential to recognize that your dream relationship is not necessarily a reflection of reality.

9. Imperfections Are What Make Relationships Great

It is the imperfections and compromises that enable couples to develop together. If you leave a relationship due to its lack of perfection, you are depriving yourself of the most rewarding part of the relationship.


10. Everyone Tries To Be So Fake

Initially, we all try to be perfect, and that's why everyone seems perfect. However, pretending to be someone else is not genuine. Wouldn't it be better to just be ourselves from the start rather than faking it?

11. We're Giving Up On Traditional Relationships

If we can't find someone who is perfect, we settle for hooking up to satisfy our urges while waiting for the perfect one to come along. But the problem is, such a perfect person doesn't exist, and this mentality is detrimental to traditional dating and relationships.


12. Perfect's Boring

The idea of perfection can be appealing at first, but it quickly becomes tedious. When everything is in agreement and there are no differences, relationships become stagnant and uninteresting. On the other hand, diversity in interests, opinions, and conversations is what makes a relationship lively and captivating.

13. We End Things With No Real Reason

I have friends who give me silly excuses for breaking up with their partners. One friend even dumped a great guy because he combed his hair to the right instead of the left. Nowadays, people come up with any excuse to end things. There is no tolerance for imperfection, and this is the reason why some of my friends are still single.


14. It'll Seem Perfect When It's Right

Once you discover the ideal partner, your relationship may appear flawless, but in reality, that state of perfection is imperfect. Nonetheless, you acknowledge and embrace the flaws because they are an inherent aspect of loving someone. It is at this point that you gain a genuine understanding of what a perfect relationship truly entails.