Why Parents Should Go To All Of Their Kids’ Games

Holding a nice steady job might sound like a really solid reason to miss some of your kids’ games, but it is just as terrible an excuse as any. Then there are parents who just feel like these games are no fun at all, and will simply miss them because they can think of better ways to kill an afternoon.

None of this is right, your kids need to know that you will be there when they need you; that they are your first priority. To a kid. a game is not just a minor issue, she/he will remember it for many years. They will remember the games you missed very vividly even into their adulthood.

A lot of kids today dream of being professional sportsmen, and they would like more than anything to say that their parents went over and beyond to keep them motivated and to ensure they pursued their dreams until they came true. No dream comes easy, and we all remember those who stood by us when the world had doubts that we would even amount to anything.

As a parent, the last thing you want is to be remembered as the person who could miss a game whenever you had the chance, but later want to be associated with your successful child when he/she has become a big athlete.

Sure, it can be a little harsh to suffer through long drives to these games, and even sit through them and remain enthusiastic when they seem unexciting; but to your child, your presence and support could mean the world.

After many years, the kids will fondly remember that you were there for them during these important moments in their lives. And guess what? They will most probably want to repay you in kind as you age and need more attention from your kids.

But if you are the parent who always found a way to avoid attending these games for one reason or another, then you should not be surprised to see your adult children miss important family moments for any number of reasons. That will just be your chicken coming home to roost.

In any case, your presence at these games will count for more than you think. Children hold their parents in very high regard. So seeing you there might be the shot in the arm they need to perform their best just to make you proud; a desire that might spread even to their studies and other areas of their lives.

Kids always like it when parents can be proud of their achievements, however unimportant they might seem.

You might also want to remember that children will learn a lot about being a parent from you, regardless of how young they are. I am pretty sure you would not like a scenario where your grandkids see no familiar face when they look towards the benches as they play their favorite games as kids.

So, attend every one of your kids’ games, support them, and be happy about it. This will mean a lot for them as adults, and it will help them forge a better relationship with you.