Why Men Are Intimidated By Women Who Are Strong and Independent

I have a theory; actually, it might be a fact that men are scared of powerful women because powerful women don’t need men. Women who are strong and independent tend to intimidate men. This applies to whether it is in a business or corporate setting or when it is in the dating arena. In the 21st Century, some men still struggle to accept the fact that strong women intimidate them. Such men also find such women unapproachable.

You might wonder, why is this so? Well, I may not be able to fully answer that question, to be honest. However, here are a few insights as to why men feel intimidated, based on some of my own personal experiences.

She doesn’t need you.

A strong and independent woman does not need you to validate her being. She can feel accomplished and even fulfilled with what she has achieved in her life to feel incomplete without a man in her life. A strong woman does not wait for a man in her life to derive meaning and purpose from her life. The reason being she is used to fixing her broken pieces together on her own and doesn’t need a man for that. As much as she is confident and would love to share her life with a good man, she just knows that she doesn’t need to force it.

She hates playing games.

She will notice from the get-go if you are the kind that likes to play games, be it mind games, texting games and any other kind of games that these millennials have come up with. She will simply not put up with it because well, she knows you are not worth her time, and she has better things to do like building her empire.

She radiates confidence and happiness.

This is the one woman that her friends admire and most guys wish to have in their lives. She is ambitious and a go-getter. You can say that there is an aura of mystery around her and it makes her success intriguing to some extent. She has love for herself, and will obviously not settle for anything less than what she deserves.

She puts her dreams and passions first.

This independent woman knows what she wants out of life. She has a list of goals and things she wants to accomplish before her life quickly passes her by. If you want to be part of her life, just don’t take away her dreams, goals, and aspirations from her, accept, respect and support her.

She doesn’t necessarily need your help.

A strong woman will rarely ask for your help because she enjoys learning new things and does so through failing, succeeding and trying again.

She’s okay with time and space being a necessity.

This woman enjoys spending time with you but needs her alone time as well. She needs time with friends, family and the world just as much.

In a nutshell, this woman tends to live on the adventurous side of life, and this makes her dive headfirst to face her biggest fears and challenges. It is what keeps her on her toes. She is also not scared of getting her heartbroken because she has already experienced a lot more than you can imagine. She, therefore, fears that she will be the one to break your heart. She also shares her love with everyone in her world and lives compassionately while loving passionately. Men are intimidated by this woman because she knows what exactly she wants and her standards are high.