Why It Doesn't Matter If You're Officially Dating Or Just "Hanging Out"

In present times, determining whether you are on a date or not can be extremely challenging. Previously, a date used to be a highly romantic and exclusive occasion, involving candlelit dinners, red roses, and even a goodnight kiss on the doorstep. Nowadays, this traditional idea has been replaced by a more casual and informal approach. Despite the longing for the nostalgia of the past, it's essential to relax and not get too worked up over whether you're on a date or just spending time with someone.

1. Being Casual Isn't A Bad Thing

Preferences for dating vary, as some individuals may prefer luxurious dining experiences, while others may prefer more relaxed home settings. It's possible that your date might feel uncomfortable in a fancy Italian restaurant, but they could show their true personality when you order pizza in your own apartment. A casual environment for a date can alleviate tension and create a deeper connection between both parties, leading to a more meaningful relationship.

2. Dates Can Feel Too Much Like Interviews

Undoubtedly, the most unpleasant types of dates are the ones where you feel like you're being interrogated about every aspect of your life, from the name of your second-grade teacher to your goals and dreams for the future. It's unrealistic to have all the answers about your life for the next five years, and such intense questioning can make the date uncomfortable and unenjoyable.

3. Things Will Get Sorted Out Eventually

You've met an incredible guy, and after a long time, you've finally developed feelings for someone. However, instead of feeling thrilled and joyous, you're left questioning whether it's acceptable that he refers to your time together as just "hanging out." In reality, it's perfectly alright, as if you two are meant to be a genuine couple, it will eventually happen. If not, at least you didn't get too emotionally invested.

4. Some Couples Never Go On Real Dates

Consider the possibility of being with your high school sweetheart. Perhaps, in your teenage years, your outings together were not technically dates, but rather spent in groups. After that, you became a serious couple and spent your time together in a relaxed, casual way. Maybe you never indulged in fancy dinners and instead chose to watch TV every night. Nevertheless, what does it matter as long as you're content with your relationship?

5. It's Good To Take Things Slow

In today's world, where numerous relationships never truly begin, it can be challenging to comprehend the idea of taking things slowly. However, it's essential to do so. By proceeding slowly, you can safeguard your emotions and gradually get to know someone new, which is the actual objective of dating. If you choose to hang out instead, you'll be taking things exceptionally slow, allowing you to evaluate whether this person is genuinely worth your time and effort.

6. You Will Stop Dating Eventually

Consider this: once you and your partner have established your relationship, you'll no longer feel the pressure to impress one another and can solely concentrate on spending time together. You'll both enjoy lazing around and doing absolutely nothing at all, which can be a fun and intimate experience.

7. Guys Think Differently

When a guy invites you to hang out, it's understandable to worry about whether it's a date or not. However, the guy in question might believe that you two are already dating, and he's attempting to be laid-back about the whole thing. Men tend to have a different perspective on such matters, so what you consider to be a complete catastrophe may not be significant to them at all.

8. People Meet All Kinds Of Ways

If you happen to meet your significant other at work, it's possible that you might not engage in traditional date activities. Instead, you may find yourselves chatting between meetings or having lunch together. Once you both acknowledge your romantic interest in each other, things can get serious very quickly since you already spend a lot of time together on a daily basis. In such a scenario, the concept of going on an actual date may not matter much to either of you.

9. Your Connection Is All That Matters

You can establish a meaningful connection with someone regardless of whether you're enjoying take-out and having a conversation at their apartment or sharing nachos at a nearby bar. The crucial factor is the bond you share, rather than the location. Therefore, it's essential to stop worrying and understand that the person you're simply "hanging out" with could potentially become your new partner.