Why Influencers Are Promoting Sunning Your Bum

Why Influencers Are Promoting Sunning Your Bum

Many people love nothing more than to lie out and relax in the sunshine, soaking up the warmth and topping up their tan. Of course, you have to be mindful of the potential dangers of the sun's UV rays and make sure you use proper protection. At the same time, you should remember the importance of getting some sunshine now and again, as it is a great source of vitamin D.

While you may be quite accustomed to enjoying time in the sunshine and doing a little sunbathing, did you know that some influencers are now recommending that you spend time sunning your bum in order to enjoy enhanced health? Well, according to some influencers, you can get more benefit from exposing your bottom to the sun for a minute than you do sitting out in the sun for longer periods. In this article, we will learn more about this new tanning trend.

Key Information Relating to Bum Sunning

Recent videos that have been released by influencers have gone viral, so there will be plenty more people giving their backsides the benefits of the sun's rays when summer comes around. Some key information linked to this process include:

The Official Name is Perineum Sunning

One thing you should keep in mind is that influencers have given this practise an 'official' name, which is perineum sunning. Another thing to keep in mind is that perineum does mean perineum and not just your bum cheeks. So, those that rave about this practise doesn't just flip over and expose their bottoms to the sun – they actually spread their legs so the sun's rays can penetrate into the bottom rather than just on the skin of the cheeks.

It Is Said to Keep the Area Clean

According to some of the influencers who have been posting videos of this type of sunning, it can also help to keep the perineum area clean and free from germs. Of course, this is something that can also be achieved through proper washing and hygiene, as many medical professionals have pointed out! However, some influencers swear that by using this method they help improve the cleanliness of the anal area.

Some Believe it Boosts Energy

Another thing that many influencers and followers of this practice are saying is that it can help to boost energy levels. Of course, we know that sunshine provides us with copious amounts of vitamin D and that it can help with the feel-good factor and boosting energy levels. Whether or not that relates to the perineum or just general sunbathing remains to be seen!

People Are Highlighting Health Benefits

There are various people, including some celebrities, who speak highly of the potential health benefits of practising this form of sunbathing. As mentioned earlier, there are some that believe that exposing your perineum to the sun can help to boost your energy levels enormously. There are also those who believe that it impacts the hormones so that you can get a better night's sleep.

What's the Bottom Line?

So, what is the bottom line (pardon the pun) when it comes to perineum sunning? Well, according to medical experts, there is nothing that suggests that this practice is beneficial. One medical expert said that vitamin D is beneficial to health in a variety of ways, but that people should not be risking damage to the skin and exposure to UV rays from the sun in order to get their required dosage of vitamin D. It is, essentially, a hype that has been concocted by influencers with no medical backing or evidence whatsoever.