Why I Would Be The Girl Of Your Dreams

Why I Would Be The Girl Of Your Dreams

The road to love and happiness is not easy. It takes plenty of wrong turns to make the right one finally. I'm yet to make that right turn, but I believe the right guy is just around the corner.

As much as I'm excited to meet my prince charming, I think he will be even more excited to be with me, and he will be one lucky guy.

Not to blow my horn or anything, but here's why I think this one guy will be lucky;

• I pay attention to details and appreciate them

Women have a spot for grandiose gestures. We love majestic shows of love and guys moving mountains out of our way. So much so that we fail to notice the little things and fail to appreciate them.

I've been in quite a number of relationships, and one thing I do great is noticing the details. Especially when he is making an effort to make me happy, I don't get mad because you brought me burnt toast in bed - We can work on your toasting skills later.

I'm happy because you made the effort to bring me breakfast in bed. I don't nag over every little mistake because I know every man has his flaws and I am here so we can make each other better.

• Your efforts are well noticed

You came home with my favorite snack! Yay! Most women will think of that as normal. But, I am not most women. I am unique, and I notice every time you go out of your way to make me happy.

Whether it is a night in, watching my favorite movie, or helping me fix dinner, those little things are a big deal to me. I not only notice but I also reward. I love a guy who takes time to get to know me and listen to me, and I believe he deserves as much.

• I know the value of a relationship, and I am dedicated to it

I definitely have the looks, and you might have to put up with some catcalling when we go out for dinner. But, I also know that a true relationship is about loyalty and trust.

If you win me over, you don't have to worry about the competition. I'm there for you and you alone. I know it is hard to find a guy that has the same dedication, but I know it is not impossible and this guy is somewhere out there.

When we land in each other's arms, our dedication to each other is going to be a true thing of beauty!

• I've got the wife part down

It is not only being great in bed. I know that a great girlfriend is able to make great meals and run a home. I've been alone long enough for life to teach me how to be an adult and handle my responsibilities.

You don't have to worry about eating takeout every evening. I love cooking, and my cooking is great. I love taking care of my man and the more attention and effort he puts into taking care of me, the more I am always ready to reciprocate.

• You're good? I'm great!

I've been through my share of bad relationships. I know a good one when I see one and you can rest assured I will be appreciating the lights out of you.

Once you melt the ice that has been frozen in the deepest parts of my heart, you will experience the kindness that hasn't been unlocked by bums that were only looking for a quick lay.

I'm a queen, and for the right guy, I will be ready to make him feel like a king.

• My love boat is overflowing – and sinking

I've been looking for love for so long. I have stored up the experiences and emotions, and I'm ready to pour it all out on the right man. I crave love, and I ooze love. It is the engine that runs my life. I have learned to love and accept myself, and now I can freely give and love.

For the right person, my love has no boundaries and flows freely. I just need you to find me first and see how easy I am to love.

I'm ready for love. I'm ready to give in and give everything I have for the right guy. Wherever you are, the woman you have been looking for is here waiting for you.

Waiting to shower you with love, understanding, and kindness. Come out of the alleys and meet me in broad daylight. You're going to love what I'm about and what the world has made of me, and you're definitely going to be the luckiest guy ever!