Why I Want A Lover Who Is Also My Best Friend

Why I Want A Lover Who Is Also My Best Friend

There is a lot more to intimacy than sharing a physical connection. You also need someone you can open up to.

Many men and women want a relationship whereby they can share more than physical intimacy. It is not just about kisses, touching, and physical pleasure; a deeper connection is something we all desire.

On my part, I want someone who understands my soul and delights in its desires. Someone who wants me in every possible way and not simply because I can be a lover to them.

A lover is easy to come by, but a true friend is not easy to find. But having a lover who is also your best friend is a truly special thing. It is great to be with someone who genuinely finds pleasure in what you have to offer beyond the physical intimacy you share.

This is what I want out of the lover I want to be involved with. I need someone I can share my soul with. Someone whose attraction in me goes beyond what I can offer physically and into what I am and all I can be.

That is why I need a best friend as a lover.

I should be free to cry in front of him and still feel beautiful and comfortable, someone who can kiss me with my morning breath and messy hair.

I want someone I can enjoy a football game with and have drinks with, and then have such a good time, laughing so hard that it hurts. I want him to think of me as his best friend, enjoying the very best moments of his life with me, whether it is celebrating a goal his team has just scored or whatever.

We should enjoy traveling together, trying exotic and exciting things together, and enjoying romantic sunsets together, getting lost in the thrill of adventure, visiting strange places, and walking the streets hand in hand without a care in the world.

I look forward to spending lazy days on the couch with him, dressed in sweat pants and enjoying silly movies on TV. No scheduled lunch or dinner, just snacks and enjoying great shows lying on the couch.

I want someone I can watch fall asleep; someone I miss when he is not awake.

The lover I want is a friend who I can talk to about anything and also nothing all at once.

Nothing should be too serious, and nothing should be taken for granted either. A burned dinner should turn into a fun evening out where we share cozy, intimate moments together.

I look forward to receiving funny texts from him that put a smile on my face the entire day.

What I want is that he meets my family and that I meet his. I look forward to us starting a family of our own.

I want us to be there for each other through thick and thin – laughing together, crying together, doing silly and fun things together, and overcoming whatever faces us in life so that in all things we can stay together.

I want a lover and a best friend.