Why I Prefer Focusing On My Partner Instead Of Becoming A Mom

Why I Prefer Focusing On My Partner Instead Of Becoming A Mom

Well, I don't want you to get the wrong impression of me. Honestly, I love kids and greatly appreciate their fascinating giggles. Of course, I will get married; however, the idea of having children of my own is at the bottom of my priority list. I know it may sound funny but, my dream/wish is to venture into business with my future husband.

Around the globe, having and raising young ones is viewed as some appreciatory investment plan by most parents. Seriously, it's time we sat down and looked at both sides of the coin. In her book "Two is Enough," Laura S. Scott (Sociologist) argues that "couples with no children (often) lead a happier and more quality of life compared to their children-pro counterparts." Born and bred in highly socialistic families where kids take care of their aging parents, it is understandable to worry about your survival after retirement.

So, if you are not planning on having kids of your own, starting a business with your hubby is a wise move. Trust me. Your business investment will see both of you through your middle life, past the retirement age, and allow you to enjoy your lifelong efforts peacefully. So, why do I want to start a Business with Hubby rather than make babies?

1. Businesses make you money; babies drain it

One thing for sure is that if I had a son, my affection towards him would not be in question and I would not mind providing for him. But since he is not here yet, the idea of spending my hard-earned cash on him somehow gives me a cold heart. At first, I thought I was just mean and paranoid, but after getting an insight into the annual statistics on the amount of cash spent on a 1-year-old kid, my fears were confirmed.

According to research, an average American mom spends about $12000 on her kid in just one year. This is a ridiculous amount of cash that I would personally struggle to gather in one year. Seriously, that's crazy. So, to avoid accumulating loans, I'd rather focus on other economic activities that would help me build my cash reserves and live a happy, quality life.

2. If I'm making money, I want to be able to enjoy it

So, why wait until you are an old retired empty-nester to enjoy your hard-earned cash? Instead, fulfill your teenage dreams while you are still young, adaptable, and curious. Remember that you can enjoy your life to the fullest only during a limited window of time (golden periods - 20 to 40 years). During this period, your world stands still and opens itself up for you to fulfill your wildest fantasies. After this, the natural clock starts rolling again, making you disinterested in the thrills and fun of life.

Seriously, life is short, and I can't let anything stop me from having my share before I have had my fill. Before I disappear, I want to stupidly dance on an Ibiza beach till dawn, see the famous markets of Morocco, climb a glacier, leave my shoes outside of Taj Mahal, encountered the endangered species of Madagascar, and peacefully visit the jungles of Peru, without feeling guilty that I left our kids with a friend.

3. There are already too many people on this planet

Mother earth is kind, kind enough to support us in our millions. However, the human species disregarded her kindness and continued to multiply indiscriminately. Well, maintaining the human population is impartial in sustaining the delicate ecological balance. Considering that the global population is estimated at 8 billion, and with a global population growth index of 1.09% per year, we are on the verge of overpopulation. At these alarming rates, I find it ridiculously stupid to bring another consumption machine into the world.

Rather than having kids, I choose to channel my efforts towards business to support the broad population. By doing so, I feel that I have made the world a better place by reducing my environmental degradation, feeding the people, and offering employment opportunities.

4. We'd be putting our money into something that can help the world

What else is more satisfying than the godly-feeling of creating life? Well, it's a unique feeling that touches your deepest maternal instincts. However, the reality is that there is nothing unique about giving birth. In fact, every animal does. Having young ones is a biological process, common in all the animals roaming the earth. So, there is no uniqueness in having kids of our own.

However, making the world a better place to live in is something new, which I consider as a normal act. So, I would choose the normal path and channel my efforts in improving the universe by contributing to charity organizations, funding researches, and Eco-friendly fashions. Raising a child in the United States is estimated at ¼ million dollars. So, rather than spending all that cash on my kid, I see more logic in funding a dozen children to access better education, nutrition, and healthcare.

5. I just want my peace

From a personal perspective, when kids become teenagers, they stop being cute and cuddly. They develop attitudes, which as a parent, who has sacrificed her entire life and deprived herself of an annual leisure trip to Africa, would feel unappreciated. On the flip side, a business will not genuinely frustrate me but faithfully give me a livelihood year in and out.