Why I Only Date Men Who Are In Touch With Their Feminine Side

After experiencing numerous awkward first dates, I eventually learned the most significant secret in dating: A man who is in touch with his feminine side is undeniably attractive, and I have no intention of reverting to dating men who aren't. The following are the reasons why I believe this to be true.

1. They don't give you crap for liking "girly" things

Unfortunately, some men view femininity as a negative trait and go to great lengths to avoid it. I once had a boyfriend who disliked anything that he deemed too "girly," including TV shows about modeling or interior design, and would mock me for watching them. This behavior quickly became tiresome and reeked of misogyny. So, I said goodbye to it.


2. They aren't afraid to be vulnerable

The men I've been involved with who aspired to be alpha males and frequently demonstrated their toughness missed the point entirely. There's nothing more courageous than acknowledging and expressing your emotions, even if they are sad, anxious, or fearful.

3. They let you know they care

In my experience, men who are in touch with their feminine side are more likely to be the first ones to say "I love you" in a relationship. As someone who tends to fall in love easily and quickly, I appreciate being with a man who isn't afraid to express his feelings. It takes the pressure off me, and I've noticed that men who are comfortable with emotional vulnerability at the start of a relationship tend to maintain that openness as the relationship progresses.


4. Their emotional courage makes them better communicators

Men who are in touch with their feminine side aren't afraid to explore their emotions and communicate them, even when it's uncomfortable or embarrassing. They don't shy away from vulnerability like the stereotypical "strong, silent" type. In fact, a man who can apologize when he's wrong is incredibly attractive.


5. They're secure in their masculinity, which makes them seem even manlier

It takes a particular level of self-assurance to reject societal norms and expectations regarding gender and simply be yourself without concern for others' opinions. Confidence is incredibly attractive. Furthermore, a man who isn't preoccupied with others' opinions of his masculinity exudes a genuinely masculine energy.


6. They don't mind if you cry (and might even join you)

One crucial aspect for me is that I tend to cry during movies and those commercials featuring mistreated animals. The one with Sarah McLachlan's song, in particular, is a tear-jerker. I require a partner who won't judge or mock me for my emotional responses. Ideally, my perfect match will share my sensitivity and shed tears alongside me or offer comfort with a hug.


7. They're some of the best huggers I've known

I can't quite pinpoint why, but I've discovered that men who embrace their feminine side are exceptional at cuddling. They provide hugs that are nearly as enjoyable as sex (almost, as I'll explain in the next point). Perhaps it's because they're not afraid of losing themselves in their emotions.


8. They're great lovers

Some of my best sexual experiences have been with men who embrace their feminine side. They don't view sex as a one-size-fits-all experience for women. Instead, they take the time to learn my body and discover what I enjoy. They're not interested in treating sex as a competitive sport or a game. Instead, they prioritize my pleasure because they genuinely care about how I feel. Their focus is on connecting with me, not just racking up personal bests for how many times they can bring me to orgasm in a single night. They welcome feedback in the bedroom and are willing to adapt their approach, resulting in incredible sex. Moreover, they're always up for cuddling afterward.


9. They help you figure out what to wear

My dream partner is someone who not only accompanies me when I'm shopping for a new dress but also provides recommendations on what to try. The greatest boyfriend I've had not only did that but also selected a matching necklace to complement my outfit while I was in the fitting room. I felt and looked fantastic.


10. They're good with kids

It's heartwarming to see a man sitting at a small table with a 3-year-old, wearing a pink feathered headband and sipping pretend tea with Mr. Pants the bunny rabbit. That's the kind of man you want to marry. Once you've experienced a boyfriend who is willing to participate in a Pink Headband Pretend Tea Party, you won't want to go back to guys who still believe that girls have cooties.