Why I Love Being The Unmarried, Go-To Bridesmaid


Another wedding, another chance to rock a new dress and endure my friends' matchmaking attempts. It might sound like a nightmare, but surprisingly, I enjoy being the go-to single bridesmaid for my friends. Although there are some downsides, overall, it's a fun experience. Perhaps it's because my friends are respectful of my boundaries, or maybe I just relish the challenge of making unflattering bridesmaid dresses work. Instead of bemoaning your perpetual singlehood, consider the advantages of being a bridesmaid:

1. I get awesome gifts

While it's true that you're expected to purchase a gift for the bride, it's important to remember that you'll receive one in return. This is the bride's way of expressing her gratitude for your support and assistance during the week leading up to the wedding. These gifts can range from complimentary dinners to luxurious spa treatments, and they're definitely worth it.

2. I know how not to be a Bridezilla

Having witnessed numerous Bridezillas in action, I've come to the conclusion that there must be some sort of malevolent spirit that possesses brides-to-be. It's almost as if the wedding ceremony serves as an exorcism, returning the bride to her former self. After careful observation, I believe I've discovered the secret to avoiding these demons myself.

3. Three words: hot single guys

Let me be clear: I don't attend weddings with the sole intention of finding love. That would be far too cliché. However, I can't deny that it's a major ego boost to receive attention from attractive, eligible bachelors. Unlike my coupled-up girlfriends, I have the freedom to socialize, make connections, and potentially find someone to rescue me from this frilly, disastrous bridesmaid dress.

4. I don't have to find clothes

Whenever there's a special occasion, I inevitably find myself rummaging through the depths of my closet, hoping to unearth something suitable to wear. It can be a real hassle, especially when I come up empty-handed or discover that nothing fits properly. However, as the designated bridesmaid, I'm always spared the task of finding a dress for the wedding. Although, at times, I do wish I had the freedom to choose my own dress.

5. No one expects me to look great

At the end of the day, the wedding belongs to the bride. As a bridesmaid, my role is to stand by her side and accompany a groomsman down the aisle. Looking stunning is not my primary objective; rather, my aim is to complement the bride's overall aesthetic. It's like being the most popular girl at prom, where your outfit doesn't really matter because everyone's eyes are on you regardless.

6. Some of my friends have taste

While I may have been critical of dresses in the past, I must admit that at least half of my friends have excellent taste. As a result, I'm able to don a gorgeous dress in front of hundreds of people without feeling self-conscious, and I'm even excited to wear it again in the future. It's like having your cake and eating it too, but in this case, it's having a fabulous dress and being able to wear it multiple times.

7. I love playing bouquet tackle

While catching the bouquet doesn't hold much significance for me, I do enjoy the bouquet tackle. It's the moment when all the single ladies transform into skilled football players, each on their own team. I don't mean to boast, but I'm quite the pro at this game, even when wearing slippery high heels.

8. I'm reminded why I'm not married

I don't want to come across as unsupportive, as I'm genuinely happy for my friends who are getting married. However, witnessing the immense stress and drama leading up to their big day has made me realize why I'm not yet married. I've seen multiple couples nearly break up due to the pressures of wedding planning. If the wedding day is that overwhelming, how much more challenging is actual married life?

9. I like all the "advice" I get

When I attended the first few weddings, I must admit I was upset. Initially, I felt hurt, but eventually, my anger took over, and I felt like the Hulk. I understand that people offer advice about finding love with good intentions, but I'm content being single. Now, I find it amusing to finish my friends' sentences and play drinking games every time I hear them say certain phrases about love and marriage.

10. I get to see how unrealistic those Pinterest weddings are

I believe I'm the odd one out among my friends, as I don't have any wedding boards on Pinterest. It's pretty evident that I'm not the type to obsess over weddings. I've seen my friends' Pinterest boards, and I'm well aware of their dream weddings. However, in reality, things often turn out quite differently, and I've been a part of several weddings that were nothing like what was on Pinterest.

11. I love seeing my friends get a happy ending

Although some of my friends have made me doubt the value of marriage, others have reminded me that love is a wonderful thing. When I see the pure happiness on their faces and witness how they are the only ones in the world in that moment, it gives me hope in love. Being a bridesmaid on several occasions has made me quite optimistic about love.

12. I'm getting plenty of free planning tips

At this stage, I don't require a wedding planner anymore. I've picked up a lot of valuable do's and don'ts and have gained plenty of fantastic ideas. I'm confident that when it's my turn to get married, my friends will be there to see bits and pieces of their own weddings incorporated into mine.

13. It's a free party

Is there really a better reason to attend a wedding than to see all of your friends in one place, having a great time and acting crazy? I don't think so. Count me in.

14. I'm great at pulling everything together

I thrive under pressure, especially when the bride is freaking out and things are falling apart. I end up being the one who pulls everything together, even when I'm not the maid of honor. Seeing my hard work pay off is incredibly satisfying.

15. I get attention without all the stress

I may not be the center of attention like the bride, but being a bridesmaid still allows me to receive plenty of attention and admiration without the stress of getting married. It's a win-win situation!

16. I can embarrass myself and not worry

As a bridesmaid, I have a license to be wild and silly. Whether I want to dance like a maniac or sing terribly at the karaoke, it's totally acceptable. It's a wedding, after all, and everyone's there to have a good time

17. Plenty of free food

My favorite part of weddings is the food. I simply love to eat and usually end up being one of the first ones to fill up my plate. The only challenge is waiting for my friends to cut their cake. Speaking of which, did I mention how much I love cake?