Why I Exclusively Date Broke Guys Now

I do not prioritize a high-paying job or financial spoiling in a partner. In my experience, those who possess wealth are often uninteresting, shallow, and self-absorbed. I now choose to exclusively date individuals without significant financial means.

1. Broke men are confident

Many men try to impress others by showing off their material possessions or job titles, but this behavior often stems from a lack of confidence. In contrast, men who don't have material possessions to rely on are often more confident in their personalities and values. I personally prefer men who focus on improving themselves rather than trying to impress others.

2. Broke men focus on showing love in other ways

When resources are limited, broke men often become more creative in their approach to dating and relationships. Instead of relying on expensive dinners or faraway vacations, they focus on creating unique and memorable experiences. My ex, who was broke, and I had more fun at parks, festivals and friends' houses than I ever did at fancy restaurants. It's not that successful men don't also focus on experiences, but for them it may not be their top priority. Broke men may have to put in more effort to think of thoughtful gifts and ways to show affection, but the shared experiences can bring couples closer together.

3. Broke men are less hung up on traditional gender roles

Finding a balance in a relationship can be challenging, but having a partner who is less focused on traditional gender roles can be beneficial. In situations where one partner earns more than the other, financial considerations may be less of a concern and the focus can shift to finding what works best for both individuals in the relationship.

4. Broke men respect your hustle

Successful men sometimes lack understanding of the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve success, as seen in the example of belittling someone for working late at an entry-level job. On the other hand, broke men who are striving to improve their circumstances often have a better appreciation for the effort required to succeed. They are less likely to belittle or discourage others who are working hard to improve their own lives.

5. Broke men are happy to share the spotlight

I recall the time when I shared with my successful ex about a small bonus I received, only to have him dismiss it and talk about a large contract he had secured. While a small bonus may not be as significant as a large deal, it was still an accomplishment for me. Broke men appreciate that any progress, no matter how small, is worth celebrating. They don't try to upstage others because they understand the value of recognizing and celebrating each victory. This is one of the things that I appreciate about dating broke men- they share in my celebrations.

6. Broke men are more supportive

Broke men are often supportive despite not having achieved as much success due to circumstance, not lack of effort. They understand the hard work and dedication required to achieve goals and will stand by you in pursuit of your dreams. They empathize with the struggles of chasing something that may seem out of reach and will do all they can to help you achieve it. In short, broke men are reliable and supportive.

7. Broke men are more appreciative

I enjoy giving gifts to my partners as it is my way of expressing love. It's not only about the actual present, but also the thought, sacrifice, and effort that I put into it. Successful men may appreciate a gift, but they may not fully understand the effort that goes into acquiring it. Broke men, on the other hand, are more aware of the sacrifices that go into buying a gift and are therefore more appreciative of the gestures. In other words, broke men understand the value of things and thus appreciate them more.

8. Broke men are more patient

Most men start off with limited financial resources, and only a small percentage are born into wealth. Being broke does not imply a lack of ambition or ability, but rather a lack of luck or opportunities. Success often involves a combination of hard work and good fortune. Broke men understand that progress takes time, and this mindset often translates to other areas of their lives, such as being more patient in relationships. It can be refreshing to have a partner who encourages you to take your time and not rush into things.

9. Broke men have potential

Though I personally would be content dating and marrying a man who is financially struggling, I understand that some may not share the same sentiment. It's important to note that many broke men are working towards financial stability and success. Everyone aspires to achieve a certain level of financial security and the ability to support themselves and those around them. It is important not to dismiss a person based on their current financial situation, as everyone has the potential to improve and achieve their goals.

However, There Are A Few Caveats To My Love Of Broke Guys…

1. He doesn't have to be rich, but he can't be a deadbeat

Having too much money makes me uncomfortable, while having no money causes frustration. I don't understand people who have many luxuries, as our values differ. However, now that we're not in college, I don't want a partner who chooses to spend their days smoking weed, watching sports, and complaining about their financial situation. Take action instead.

2. I'm getting too old for that stuff to be cute

We are not in our early 20s anymore, and even though we may not have our dream jobs yet, we should be financially responsible adults and not living with our parents. I understand that sometimes people face challenges, but having ambition and drive is crucial. Usually, if someone is still relying on their parents for financial support, it's not a good sign.

3. He doesn't have to pay for everything, but he should at least cover his half

I am perfectly fine with splitting the cost of things and I often prefer it because of my independence and commitment issues. I don't like feeling obligated to anyone. However, I also don't want to always be the one paying for both of us. I don't mind alternating, but it should be fair and equal, that's what being in a partnership is all about.

4. I'm not sitting on the couch every night because he's too broke to do anything

It is extremely unattractive when a man cannot financially afford to do anything. I am an adult and while I do not expect to spend hundreds of dollars at a club, I do want to experience the world around me. I am someone who enjoys exploring and trying new things. If our dating life is limited to only cooking ramen noodles and watching TV, I will quickly lose interest and leave. Take control and improve your situation.

5. Money management skills are seriously important

When you have limited funds, it's important to budget carefully. This is an essential part of adult life. It's frustrating when a man is wasteful with their money, it shows a lack of maturity and poor decision-making. It is especially concerning when they have the means to have more money but don't manage it properly. Having expensive possessions such as cars and shoes while having an empty bank account is not a good look.

6. I'm no one's sugar mama

I am not able to afford those things and even if I had a lot of money, I would not be interested in paying for someone else's expenses. Being dependent on someone else's financial resources is not attractive. I would never rely on someone else's money and I don't want anyone in my life who would do that to me. If he cannot take responsibility for himself and pay for his own expenses, I am not interested. It doesn't matter how good he is in bed or how funny he is, those superficial qualities are not enough for me.