Why Hopeless Romantics Make The Best Girlfriends

While hopeless romantics might be seen as unrealistic and delusional, they can actually make incredible girlfriends. I know this probably sounds a little ironic to you since healthy relationships have to be realistic as well. But if you believe in true love, you will love the following things about having a hopeless romantic for a girlfriend.

1. We Want A Life Partner, Not Just Any Joker

If we are with you, understand that we want a serious relationship and are not just wasting your time. That does not mean we are desperate either. We have very high standards. Therefore, if we are with you, know that we are truly into you and want things to work out. We don't settle, and we are ready to give the relationship our all.

2. We Are Always Optimistic

We try to see the best in people, especially when they are as important to us as our romantic partners. We don't hit them when they are down, and we get through the tough times more easily, which obviously goes a long way in keeping the relationship strong and moving forward. We don't take a backseat in relationships either – we are as willing to make an effort to keep the relationship alive as our partners are.

3. We Give The Relationship 100%

A hopeless romantic will always give the relationship her all. We understand very well that relationships need work, and we are up to the challenge so that our partners never doubt us or our loyalty. We go the extra mile to treat them as we would like to be treated.

4. We Like To See Our Partners Happy

We love nothing more than seeing a smile on our partner's faces, especially when we are behind the joy. That is why we like to give our partners pleasant surprises and doing other lovely romantic gestures that make our partners more drawn to us.

5. We Believe In Making Our Own Fairytales

We might be hopeless romantics, but we are well aware that life is vastly different from our favorite Disney movies. And we don't wish that it were either. But still, we want to have our own fairytales. For this reason, we make a lot of effort so that our relationships are romantic and passionate. As long as our partners are willing to make a little effort as well, we will keep things exciting and romantic.

6. We Are Fighters, And Don't Give Up Easily

To us, love makes the world go round. So, we are willing to put a lot on the line for its sake. We don't give up easily unless we are in unhealthy and toxic relationships. But as far as regular relationship problems go, we will tough it out without leaving your side.

7. We'll Be Your Ride Or Die Partner

If you love loyalty, then you will never let us go. We don't believe in a force greater than love and will go to any lengths to protect the love between us and the person we love. That is why we will fight for them and do everything we can to see them happy and secure in the relationship we share.