Why "He's Too Good For Me" Is The Wrong Attitude


It's amazing how we inflict suffering upon ourselves. We invest so much time searching for the right individuals (and conscientiously eliminating the wrong ones), but once we discover exceptional men, we fret that they're too good for us. This outlook not only has the potential to ruin some wonderful relationships, but it can also prevent them from ever beginning. The tendency to presume that we are not good enough for someone must be abandoned, and here's why.

1. You'll never be in his head

You may spend all day creating stories in your mind about how he could be with supermodels instead of someone like you, but ultimately those are just stories. They exist solely in your head.

2. He might not choose you, but it doesn't mean you're not good enough

If you allow it, rejection can permeate throughout your entire being. Therefore, it is important to resist it. If there is only one ideal woman for someone, then that means there are over 3.5 billion women who are not suitable for them. Nonetheless, a significant number of these women are absolutely incredible.

3. True love doesn't judge so much

Have you ever come across couples who seem like an unlikely match and wondered how they ended up together? Well, the truth is that they shared a deep connection that surpassed the superficial, and they allowed it to guide them towards each other.

4. You don't have to be the same to be equals

Although we all go through similar fundamental emotions, the way we express them can be vastly different. It's possible that your intense temper fuels his enthusiasm and drive. Ultimately, maintaining a sense of equilibrium and showing respect towards each other will always prevail over what appears logical on paper.

5. No one is great every single second

It's erroneous to presume that a seemingly flawless individual is without their own share of difficulties and unpleasant moments. We all face our fair share of challenges and setbacks, including that seemingly perfect guy. It's essential to accept that imperfection is an intrinsic part of being human and that it's okay not to be perfect.

6. A great guy won't let you feel that way

It's crucial to differentiate between the self-doubts and uncertainties that we needlessly hold onto and the discourteous behavior displayed by someone who lacks manners. Recognize this contrast and acknowledge when it's the other person who is not worthy of your time and attention. Remember, there may be instances when you are the one who deserves better.

7. Because you're simply judging yourself

Who has the authority to claim that one's lifestyle, achievements, or family are superior to another's? If you find yourself feeling this way, it's probably a reflection of your own insecurities, and it's time to stop being overly critical of yourself.

8. It makes it harder to make real assessments

If your initial impression of someone is that they are out of your league, you may unintentionally develop a bias towards them and become blind to their flaws or other important factors that warrant your attention. It's crucial to remain objective and not let your perception of their status cloud your judgment.

9. It's a mind trick

Occasionally, we convince ourselves that we desire something, yet deep down, we're hesitant or afraid. Fear can distort our thinking and lead us to believe strange things that prevent us from progressing. Deciding for someone else that you're not good enough is merely a mental deception and a way of holding yourself back.

10. It devalues what you've got

Perhaps he's more physically attractive and intelligent than you, but that doesn't mean you don't have your unique qualities that make you just as valuable. You could be charming, humorous, and kind, for instance. It's crucial to embrace what you possess, regardless of what it may be, as it will make it easier for others to appreciate those attributes too.