Why Haven't The Authorities Intervened To Stop The Tiktoker Who Unlawfully Entered A Family's Home?

The Metropolitan Police is currently under scrutiny for its inability to apprehend a TikTok user responsible for a series of abhorrent 'pranks.' These actions range from stealing someone's dog and tearing up library books to unexpectedly entering strangers' vehicles.

Last week, Bacari Ogarro, an 18-year-old residing in Hackney, north London and known as 'Mizzy', caused widespread disgust as he forcefully entered the residence of an unsuspecting family alongside a group of fellow young individuals.

In a now-removed video on the video application, the group proceeds through a gate, disregarding a woman situated in the front garden, and proceeds to enter the premises without permission. Mr. Ogarro proceeds into the hallway, where the voices of young children can be heard exclaiming "daddy."

This individual known for their presence on social media has a track record of engaging in comparable acts. In one video, they are seen approaching an elderly woman in a park, snatching her dog, and swiftly fleeing the scene. Eventually, they return the animal to its owner, who is visibly distraught by the incident.

Additional videos exhibit his troubling behavior, including the harassment of women on a train and in a park. He can also be seen entering a library and intentionally damaging books, as well as recklessly riding an e-bike through a Sainsbury's store while security personnel attempt to apprehend him.

In a separate video, he enters the rear seat of a random individual's car, claiming it to be his Uber ride, but quickly turns confrontational when asked to exit the vehicle.

In a particular incident that he shared, he approaches a woman inside a shop, deceitfully posing as her son. However, the courageous stranger promptly confronts him and firmly insists that he departs from the premises.

Today, Mark Williams-Thomas, a former police officer, raised inquiries as to why Mr. Ogarro has not faced legal prosecution.

He said: "There's enough evidence now for the Met Police to arrest the vile & idiotic TiKTok/YouTuber 'Mizzy'(Bacari Ogarro) for at least criminal damage & assault. He has documented all his crimes as well so that will help with a prosecution."

The TikTok account belonging to Mr. Ogarro has been removed.

As of this morning, his YouTube channel, boasting almost 39,000 subscribers, remained active.

Shortly after midday, the YouTube channel was deactivated, accompanied by a message indicating a violation of the platform's terms of service.

In his most recent video, posted yesterday, Mr. Ogarro proudly declared how his videos had gained significant attention and popularity following the uproar caused by his "home invasion" video.

Furthermore, he arrogantly boasted that the criticism directed at his disturbing stunts was only working in his favor, as it continued to generate increased views and engagement.

"You guys are on social media giving me what you want. You're commenting on these videos, engaging... it's making my ting blow up," he says.

A friend then appears and tells the camera: "All you're doing is aiding our mission... it's still reinforcing the narrative of the message we're trying to say... it's a movement, bro."

In the past, Mr. Ogarro faced arrest for harassing orthodox Jews in London. One video captured him approaching a man at a bus stop, placing his hands on the victim's shoulders, and attempting an inappropriate leapfrog maneuver.

In another video, he can be observed riding a bicycle while donning a traditional hat and making derogatory remarks, saying, "Guys, I'm a f*****g Jew."

Members of Parliament have joined the chorus of voices urging the Metropolitan Police to take immediate action in order to put an end to his activities.

Labour MP Alex Davies-Jones said: "This content is disturbing and upsetting."

"Yet another example of how we desperately need the Online Safety Bill to hold the social media platforms to account."

"YouTube & TikTok seem happy to allow this irresponsible content to proliferate on their platforms. It's unacceptable."

Susan Hall, the leader of the Conservative group at the London Assembly, expressed the following statement: "No legitimate social media platform should be hosting this thug's vile videos."

"Please can you urgently update the public as to what is being done to locate and apprehend this criminal."

On Sunday, the Metropolitan Police informed the Express that they are cognizant of the circulating footage on social media and are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding it.

"Officers are conducting enquiries to establish the locations and those involved."

"We are keen to speak to anyone with any information that could assist. Please contact police on 101 or via @MetCC and quote CAD4160/16May."

A TikTok spokesman said: "Our Community Guidelines are clear that we prohibit content promoting criminal activity. In relation to this issue, we have banned accounts for violating these guidelines."