Why Guys Give The Silent Treatment After A Breakup And How To Deal

Breakups can be handled differently by everyone, and it's common to observe some men opting for the silent treatment after a relationship ends, even if things ended amicably and you wish to stay in touch. This behavior can be confusing and frustrating for women, but there are reasons why some men act this way, and there are steps you can take to address it.

1. They're not thinking about the breakup

It may sound blunt, but some men can move on from breakups without dwelling on them. This can come as a surprise, but it's not uncommon. After a breakup, you might be out of sight and out of mind for him. He may not even realize he's giving you the silent treatment because he's already moved on and isn't thinking about you.

2. They're not interested in being friends

It's not always possible to maintain a close friendship with an ex after a breakup. While it's ideal to at least be civil, if a guy doesn't want to be friends, he simply won't communicate with you. In his eyes, you're no longer in a relationship, nor are you one of his buddies, so why bother staying in touch? Unfortunately, this often results in the silent treatment.

3. Talking to you feels like torture

Conversely, some men are deeply hurt after a breakup and can't bear to speak with their ex. They may still have lingering emotions and regrets that make communication difficult. If his feelings are hurt, simply talking to you may be uncomfortable for him. He might not even know how to address you right after the split, leading him to avoid you altogether.

4. They don't want to give you what you want

For certain individuals, a clean break is the preferred option after a breakup, regardless of whether they initiated it or not. Although they may not know how to proceed, they are certain that continuing communication will not benefit either party. Prolonging contact will only complicate matters and impede the process of moving on, which is why some may choose to employ the silent treatment to achieve a clean break.

5. They want a clean break

Some men prefer a clean break after a breakup, even if they're unsure of how to move forward. They choose to avoid communication because they believe it won't lead anywhere and will only hinder their ability to move on. Thus, resorting to the silent treatment is a way to achieve closure and move on from the relationship.

6. They want to hide the pain

While some men may come across as callous after a breakup, most of us are also hurting. However, we tend to conceal our pain from others. If an ex continues to communicate, he may struggle to hide his emotions and become upset. Hence, opting for the silent treatment is a way to avoid emotional distress and move forward.

7. They fear a backslide

Many of us have experienced backsliding with an ex, often beginning with the intention of "just talking." However, if a man feels he can't resist the temptation to be with you, he may choose to give you the silent treatment instead. The fear of falling back into a relationship may make him feel it's not worth the risk, leaving the silent treatment as his only choice.

8. They're playing head games

While it's true that some guys enjoy playing mind games, using the silent treatment as a way to control an ex-partner is not acceptable behavior. It's important to acknowledge that such actions are not appropriate, even if they do occur.

If a guy who was once very close to you suddenly wants nothing to do with you, here are a few tips to cope with the situation.

1. Vent to your friends

The best course of action is to respect his decision and let him go. If he's playing games with you, don't give him the satisfaction of seeing you affected by it. Seek support from friends or even strangers to express your feelings. It's essential to feel heard and acknowledged after a breakup, so find someone who can provide that for you if your ex won't.

2. Stay away from his social media

If a guy is not willing to communicate with you, it's unlikely that his social media profile will provide any solace. In fact, checking his profile may only exacerbate your distress at being ignored. While it can be tempting, it's best to avoid doing so as it's unlikely to lead to anything positive.

3. Start to move on

If a guy is unwilling to communicate with you, it's best to focus on moving on. This doesn't necessarily mean jumping into a new relationship or a random hookup. Instead, try to engage in activities that take your mind off the breakup and allow you to move forward with your life. This is the best way to move past a relationship with a guy who is giving you the silent treatment.