Why Grandmothers Are So Special To Us All

Why Grandmothers Are So Special To Us All

It's special, isn't it? The bond between a kid and her grandma. When I recall all the memories me and my grandma shared, I smile and feel sad at the same time. God, I miss her so much.

She Made My Childhood Special, So Special

I remember all the trouble she went to for my sake. She would stop at nothing just so I could have something lovely and sweet to eat.


Her gentle voice and her permanent and warm smile made me feel alive and excited about life around her. I felt truly loved and cherished.

In Her Arms, I Felt Happy, Safe And Contented

We would play around, laughing the entire time.

She was the one person in the world who would never tire of me. While most other adults seemed to think I was always making mistakes and getting in the way, my grandma saw no wrong in me.


I was her perfect little angel.

Looking back, I think I reminded her of when she was a small girl.

She did things for me my parents never did. She had the best stories, and the most interesting way of telling them.

But I loved her for more than the great memories she gave me.

She was a woman beyond compare. She could always be counted on to lift my spirit.

Based on my experience with her, here are 7 reasons I know grandmas are so special.


1. Delicious Meals

I learned that most grandmas are incredible cooks. They have secret recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

2. She Was A Good Listener

Most adults pay little attention to what kids have to say. But my grandma was different. She always gave me an audience when I needed to tell her something. She had immense patience. The sort I have never seen elsewhere.


3. She Was Always Clean

You could never find messes around my grandmother. She always knew how to clean them up. The stains that would be seemingly impossible to remove she could remove with a lot of ease.

4. She Has Style

By looking at photos of her in her younger years, I can say for a fact that she had an amazing fashion sense. Her tips on how I should dress always got me endless compliments. She knew how to best combine colors and what accessories to wear with the outfit.


5. She Spoilt Me

Grandparents have a reputation for spoiling their grandkids. And it's true, they are guilty of this offense. My grandma was always ready to make my favorite meal and do whatever she knew would make me happy.

6. She Always Had Time For Others

Yes, especially me. Whenever I needed something and went to her, she would put everything on hold to attend to me.


When I needed to hang out and enjoy her cozy company, she was never too busy. Actually, I don't remember her ever being too busy for anyone.

7. She Loves Her Grandkids More Than Her Kids

I can't think of anything my grandma would never do for me. I can even dare to say that she showed me more love than she showed her own children.


With me, there was never a negotiation when I requested her to do anything for me. She made me feel whole, deserving, and perfect and would always come to my defense.

Grandma, I know you are gone. But in my heart, you have never been replaced and never will. I still recall your unconditional love. One day, I hope I will have as much love for an innocent little kid as you had for me. I still smile when I think of you, and wherever you are, I hope you are still proud of me.